Saturday, November 25, 2023

The Chicken or the Egg

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Tad Hilgenbrink
Tad Hilgenbrink femulating in the 2006 film The Curiosity of Chance.
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  1. I dress like a woman but I sure don't shop like a woman. I get my dresses, bras, makeup, hosiery, and heel shoes from Amazon. I don't even like to shop at Home Depot or Lowes that would have the most things I'm interested in, such as tools and wood.


  2. True, my Grand mother provided most of the child care when Dad and Mom worked In the 50s,60s. No sooner than both left the House it was Time for her to go Shopping 🛍️ with me in tow.... shoe, hat, dress, and unmentionables, Department Stores. . . always looking for Deals.
    Down town had six shoe stores all hit 🎯 one after Another.....she loved to haggle too.
    Back then the independent owners believed they had to make the first sale of the day to the first customer. Minnie made full use of that one.
    Learned a LOT.