Saturday, May 30, 2020

Someday Funnies

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

U is for Upper St. Clair (Pennsylvania) High School’s 1997 Best “Boy” Costume Award winner. 

Femulating Tolga Cevik (right)
Femulating Tolga Cevik (right)

Friday, May 29, 2020

Go Figure

I have been trying to achieve a female figure ever since I slipped on my mother’s bra and girdle in 1963. In that quest, I have experimented with a wide variety of foundation garments and accessories. I have had some success, but I was never completely satisfied with the results.

Recently losing 25 pounds should have made a difference and I thought that with a few tweaks I could finally grab that brass ring. Two problem areas were holding me back: a flat rear end and a roll of fat above my hips.

(For reference: My foundation garments at the time consisted of an underbust corset worn under a Rago Style 2202 long-line bra and Rago Style 6207 high-waist panty girdle. Spanx open-bust panty bodysuit smoothed out the trio.)

The underbust corset ended at the waistline and caused a roll of fat to sit on my hips just below the bottom of the corset. I thought the solution might be a wider underbust corset that extended below the waistline to rein in the roll of fat.

I found just thing on Amazon: frawirshau lace-up underbust corset. It only cost $12.99 and it worked! The roll disppeared!

You’ve read my thoughts here in the past about eschewing butt pads to add some curves to my flat rear. And I was pretty much resigned to those flat facts. But on the heels of my success in getting rid of my roll, I was tempted by Rago Style 915 high-waist padded panty. The price ($27.49) was reasonable, so I ordered the panty and now I have an ass!

The new trio of shapewear works so well that I don’t need Spanx to smooth things out!

I am completely satisfied with my figure now... a promise of femininity fulfilled!

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

T is for Trinity Heights Christian Academy in Shreveport, LA, where this charming young laddy struts his stuff in the school’s 1984 womanless beauty pageant

Femulator, circa 1895
Femulator, circa 1895

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Girl Voice Trolling

Gwen filled me in about the vloggers I wrote about here on Monday.
As a frequent femulator hunter myself, I wanted to give you some background on your column from Monday.
Because many online games like Fortnite and others allow for audio chat, it has become popular to prank others by pretending to be someone you aren’t – to fool people in chat and then record it and post it. A popular choice obviously is to pretend to be female and attempt to seduce unsuspecting males then have a big reveal. Not surprisingly, most are NSFW. Some impersonators use voice changers, but there are a lot of extremely skilled female voice emulators. Many have even made very helpful videos on how to do a female voice.
Here is an example featuring Tippy (one of the best) with friends. And here is Tippy's how to video.
Simply search YouTube for “female voice prank,” “girl voice trolling,” or “girl voice tutorial” for a lot more.
Another, smaller group of pranksters go on video chat programs dressed as females to again prank unsuspecting men. Sometimes they even use fake breasts to be more successful like this Russian here.
Search “pretend girl omegle” to find more examples.
What makes Natt (from the video you found) so impressive and unique is that he can do the voice and he has the look. He started out as a girl voice troller, then got a wig and makeup and started doing video pranks on omegle.
I have been duly educated. Thank you, Gwen!

S is for Southside High School in Florence, South Carolina, where lovely Harry Cannon won the Miss Cutie Pie contest in 1970.

Vladimir Luxuria

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Smarty Panties

Over the weekend, I spent some free time populating my new Pinterest board, Women with their Gurls, with appropriate images that I collected over the years or that I found on other Pinterest boards.

Since I was on a roll, I decided to create yet another Pinterest board called Smarty Panties, my collection of “smart” humor in a femulating vain (pun intended). 

I have been collecting cartoons, comic strips and other attempts at crossdressing humor for a very long time and have amassed over 7,000 images! Some of it is nothing to write here about, but separating the wheat from the chaff, there is some very good stuff in my agglomeration, which I have posted on my Smarty Panties board.


Wearing MDWow

R is for Regis High School in New York City, where John Quinn played Portia in a 1942 production of The Merchant of Venice. According to the school’s yearbook, “In the coveted role of Portia, John Quinn, who has gained a reputation for his fine feminine portrayals, skillfully bore out his characterization of the wealthy young woman.”

Marie-Christine Bouvier
The always lovely Marie-Christine Bouvier rocks a skirt suit in the hotel Quality Hotel Plaza Dresden.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Monday Miss Mash

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby Dept.

Zoe sent me links to two videos that amazed me!

They are vlogs (video blogs) by two young femulators. One is by vlogger F1NN5TER, who dresses in a skimpy Santa’s helper costume (à la Mean Girls) and walks to McDonald’s for an order of fries. The other is by Natt, who switches back and forth from her male voice to a very convincing female voice. At 1:50 spot of the video, Natt encounters F1NN5TER.

F1NN5TER and Natt regularly vlog en femme. It fascinates me how these young femulators are very open about their femulating! I must explore this medium further.

Queerantine Dept.

Jenn sent me an article about a couple in Paris who spent the quarantine dressing in each other’s clothing. The Vogue article documents the outfits that the male wore. As I wrote to Jenn, “I wish my wife and I were the same size, but it's not even close!”

When in France Dept.

“I'm a Boy, Love French-Girl Style, and Want to Try These 5 Basics” is the title of a WhoWhatWear article by Bobby Schuessler, who writes, “Honestly, even though I’m a guy, I often find myself saving various French-girl outfits on Instagram to potentially test out in my own day-to-day life.” Bobby proceeds to show the five French girl outfits that he pines for.

Say it with Your Eyes Dept.

Makeup Tip of the Year: Thanks to the Trump Flu, we all may be wearing masks for the foreseeable future, so emphasize your eyes rather than your lips when doing your makeup.

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

P brings us to Pinellas Park High in Florida and Prospect High in Illinois, where we find today’s “Not a Civilians.” Their girlish disguises are one thing, but what really gives them away are their male haircuts or should I say hairdos?

Gary Beach
Gary Beach femulating on stage in a La Cage aux Folles.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Friday, May 22, 2020

Full-Time Job

Since there is no place to go these days, I only femulate about once a week. (That’s about how often USPS, UPS, FedEx or Amazon delivers something new and girly for me to try on! LOL)

Although I don’t femulate every day, being a part-time girl is a full-time job. Daily maintenance is a big part of it.

Every morning, I shave a different part of my body in addition to my face. For example, this morning I shaved my shoulders and breasts. Tomorrow, I’ll do my arms. Next day, my legs. Etcetera.

By shaving different body parts every day, I am not overwhelmed by the task of shaving everything at once on those days when I finally do femulate.

(By the way, I don’t have much leg hair to shave anymore. It wasn’t always that way; I guess that all the years of using Nair and Veet on my legs must have killed most of the hair.)

Back to daily maintenance...

After I shave, I apply three different products to my face and neck: moisturizer, eye cream and neck cream. To my appendages, I apply leg cream and hand cream.

Besides daily maintenance, there are other things I do to ingrain my femininity.

In boy mode, I will wear female clothing whenever possible. For example, today I am wearing women’s denim shorts and of course, I wear panties every day. Flyless shorts and panties ingrains another feminine habit – sitting to pee.

New shoes means I will walk around in heels for a day or two to break them in. During the secluded portions of my daily walks, I practice walking and talking like a woman. (I wish it was secluded enough so I could break in my heels during those walks!)

It's a full-time job – good thing I like my job!

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

N is for Not a Civilian, as these Southern Belles from Northside (TN) High School fill the bill. “Have you girls done this before?” asks the yearbook caption. 

Gabriel Sanches
Gabriel Sanches femulating in Brazilian television’s Pega Pega.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

New York Dolls at Club 82

In last Wednesday’s post, I mentioned that newspaper ads for the New York City female impersonator  nightclub Club 82 sparked my fascination with female impersonation – so much so that I began experimenting with female impersonation myself. In response to that post, Paula sent me links to two recent articles (links One and Two) that recount the history of the venue.

From the articles, I learned that the nightclub became a rock venue in the 1970s. Both articles include links to a live performance by the New York Dolls at the nightclub.

The New York Dolls were one of the first glam rock bands. They sported femininely-styled hair, makeup and costumes. You wouldn’t give them a second look today, but back in their heyday, they caught the attention of this young femulator. I expected them to don skirts and dresses at any moment, but they never did.

But it turns out they did!

The video of the group performing at Club 82 shows the group’s singer, David Johansen, wearing a cocktail dress and heels. I don’t know if David donned a dress and heels on a regular basis or if it was a one-time thing in honor of Club 82, but there you have it!

(The quality of the video is poor. So I refer you to a better quality video of the group performing a different song during that same appearance at Club 82.)

Source: Bebe
Wearing Bebe

M is for this Marvelous Miss from Mount Enterprise High School in Texas, who is certainly “Not a Civilian?”

Fred Armisen and Bill Hader
Frequent film and television femulators Fred Armisen and Bill Hader play sisters in the 2015 mockumentary Sandy Passage. You can view an excerpt on YouTube.