Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Stuff 18

By J.J. Atwell

More Stuff

Wow, 18 installments of my Stuff! I find it hard to believe that there is this much stuff to write about. 

Today’s comments sprung to mind as I was preparing to go out. There I am, all dressed and made up. Ready to go out the door only to realize that I have no pockets to put my stuff in. What to do? Why, put it in a bag, of course!

What’s in your bag?

A woman basically carries her life in her bag. I say bag but you might also hear it referred to as a “pocket book,” “purse” or a “handbag.” Maybe even a clutch. For purposes of this installment, though, I’ll call it a bag. 

When I first started going out I wasn’t at all sure what I should carry in my bag. Some things are obvious like money, identification, credit cards and keys. That’s pretty much the same as you would put in your pockets as a guy. But what else might a woman or a crossdresser want to carry in her bag? With help from my GG friends, GiGi and Alicia, I put together a short list:


Hair brush


Small mirror

Phone (this might substitute for a mirror)

Small packet of tissues

Hair ties or barette


So, maybe that’s not such a short list. But most of it is necessary for a woman being out in public for any amount of time. Once you start carrying around a bag, you find that stuff expands to fill the amount of available space. Yes, you’ll put more and more things into the bag. Before you know it, you will need a bigger bag!

What Kind of Bag?

Good question. There are so many options for bags to carry, but for most women the decision depends on what they are wearing and where they are going. Color and style of the bag should match the overall look of the clothing. 

If you are just in jeans and a t-shirt, then you might leave the sequined, glittery bag at home and opt for a simple cloth or leather bag. Similarly, if you are getting dressed to the nines then it’s time to bring out the fancy, upscale bag. Again, think about how you are presenting.

The shape of a bag can be termed “north/south” or “east/west,” North/south is a style where the bag is longer than it is wide. It then follows that east/west is a bag that is wider than it is long. Which style you pick is mostly a matter of personal taste. I tend to prefer the north/south style as I think it’s a more slimming look. 

Also, a good tip for safety sake is to carry a bag that closes either with a zipper or a snap. You don’t want to have all your stuff easily seen by anybody. Another plus is a separate interior pocket that zips closed. You’ll also want to be conscious of your bag when you are out. When walking, you might want a crossbody bag and keep it more or less in front of you. When dining out, you can sling the bag over the back of your seat or perhaps on a spare seat next to you. 

I’ll be back

After sorting out what I need to include in my bag, I’ll be back with more stuff. Comments are welcome either here on the blog or by email to Jenn6nov at-sign gmail dot com. JJ is always looking for more stuff!


Stana’s Two Cents

Having carried a purse for over 50 years, I have to add my two cents about what else to carry in a bag.

A woman’s wallet to hold your money, credit cards, IDs, etc.

A compact that includes a mirror, powder (foundation) and applicator to touch up during a long day out

Eyedrops to get the red out (makeup crumbs can cause eye irritation/redness)


Lip liner (if you use lip liner)

Stick-on nails in case you wear them and lose one

Spare hosiery in case you run your nylons

With all that, you’re gonna need a bigger bag! (LOL) I actually include a small zippered bag in the big bag to carry the makeup separately from the rest of the bag’s contents.

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  1. I carry a couple of tampons in my purse. A few of my GG girlfriends were glad I do.

  2. oh the womanless pageant. I love it when they leave no doubt that they’re not civilians

    The first time might be for fun or just a lark, but the second time with such detail, and that smile I know you enlisted Paula G

  3. I totally agree on the fingernails. I use plus size nails from Sally's that I color my self. I use glue tabs to adhere. Several times over the years going out I have cracked a nail or one has fallen off. My ADD self carries 2 of every size in individual zip- lock bags labeled by size. I also bring additional glue tabs as well. I place this in a coin purse in my purse for when that catastrophe happens. When undressing in my car I place the used ones all together in their own zip-lock bag for use the next time.

  4. Whether a son's transformation is a one-off for Halloween or a lifestyle it is nice to see a mother's acceptance. My mother hunted me down like a rabid dog. I enjoy postings of these on Youtube. With the political climate being what it is these days I wonder how school "switch days" are doing? Some sort of child abuse?

    1. The High School I attended only for my Freshman year had a "switch day." I suppose it was not mandatory, but my sisters insisted that I dressed up for it. I had longish hair which they fixed up like a girl's. I wore a nice dress, pantyhose, and a stuffed bra.

      My mother and sisters ( I think ) had no idea that it wasn't the first time I had donned girl's clothes nor do I believe that they know that it wasn't the last time.

      I was nervous, but I loved the experience and the fact that a lot of other boys came in dresses and skirts that day. When I got home from school, at some point, mom admonished me and said, "Michael, aren't you going to change out of your dress?"

      How I wished it was MY DRESS, but I reluctantly took it off.