Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Suits Him/Her Fine

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Taylor


  1. The two men in the before/after photos definitely make much better girls than they do men. They should consider making their change permanent!

    1. "Drab" is.a term of dressing in the.typical male mode, as DRessed As Boy. Not only that, it is truly DRAB. In the animal kingdom, particularly birds, in a lot of cases the male is more brightly colored than the female, such as with peacocks and peahens, cardinals, mallards, etc. We humans have it backwards. It wasn't always like.that; somewhere along the way men's fashions became plain and ugly.

    2. As an avid birdwatcher I'll point out that magnificent colors that many male birds possess comes with a great cost. By standing out more, predators spot those males more easlily and subsequently kill them. Most of those dimorphic species have multiple sexual partners. Females are known to raise broods in which the siblings were fathered by several males. Those Mallard are always "cheating" and you'll often see a couple of males chasing a female in a pond.

      Also, not exclusively, but quite often the birds that are monomorphic (look the same) such as geese or eagles, mate for life and tend to be species that have very long life spans.

      Those things we love to wear, skirts, bras, and pantyhose are all trappings of our modern society's norms. I wonder how this stuff played out in humans 30,000 years ago?


  2. He may have bought the suit at the Men’s Wearhouse after all. The buttons are on the men’s side.

  3. Never Loved the Way I Looked at Men's Wearhouse for some reason....LOL.....I definitely love that Taylor dress!!! Lauren

  4. You know how you can be burned out for a lifetime with things you had to eat as a child. In my case they are tomato soup and peanut butter sandwiches. I NEVER want to eat those things EVER. Likewise after seeing men wearing the obligatory coat and tie outfits as the ONLY formal attire, I am burned out with them and wear them only occasionally. The rest of the time I wear dresses along with heels, makeup, and painted fingernails. And I wear that attire as a man, talking with my masculine bass voice.


  5. Gorgeous creatures, they are! My male wardrobe is down to two pairs of dress slacks and still a good selection of colorful dress shirts and patterned ties. Suit and sport coats got phased out as so weight was added to my frame. My dresses tend to be colorful with a lot of floral and geometric patterns.

  6. Years ago, I read where a crossdresser (who wears skirts while presenting male) asked if he could get a matching skirt when he bought a suit. The person thought, and then made it happen. I tried years later when I was buying a suit. The person was not able to help me. Maybe I should try the men's warehouse...
    In Fiji, men wear skirts. I saw a British article (video) where a reporter was in Fiji talking to government figures. They wore men's suits up top, with matching suit skirts and sandals on the bottom. Maybe we could mail-order a suit from Fiji...