Friday, July 12, 2024

Just Like Me

I am feminine. This is not something I developed over the years – I have been feminine all my life.

Being feminine came naturally to me. I did not intentionally choose to be feminine; I just acted naturally, but society categorized my natural act as feminine.

I did not have an inkling that I was feminine until an older boy told me I needed to stop acting like a girl and to man up for my own good. I rejected the boy’s assessment and continued to act naturally and as a result, suffered the slings and arrows of my peers, who called me such names as sissy, twinkie, fairy, faggot, homo, etc.

And worse, I was so blind to my own femininity that when I saw it in other guys, I assumed that they were gay because that was the stereotype for gay males that I had learned.

As I grew older and wiser, I realized I was feminine and really a girl at heart. I also learned that my stereotype for gay males was wrong. Gay males can be (or appear to be) as masculine as heterosexual males. I also learned that heterosexual males can be feminine... just like me.

And I came to the realization that the feminine male friends and acquaintances that over the years I branded as gay were not necessarily gay, but may have been transgender... just like me.

Source: Boston Proper
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Sid Caesar
Sid Caesar femulating in the 1966 television movie The Mouse That Roared, which you can view on YouTubeThank you, Zoe, for unearthing this femulation.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Bad Times

Bad Ink, How the New York Times Sold Out Transgender Teens is the title Riki Wilchins’ latest book, which is an expose about the New York Times’ anti-trans kids agenda.

Wilchins’ explains, “...when it came to transgender kids, beginning around 2015, the Times underwent a strange transformation, shifting from an early and long-time support of transgender rights to the nation’s leading voice attacking transgender kids. And stranger still, this wasn’t based on new reporting or fresh medical evidence, but on talking points being promoted by white Christian nationalist organizations that were devoted to eradicating transgender kids in order to reignite their stalled anti-gay culture wars.” 

Wilchins’ book details the history of the Times’ coverage of trans issues from the 1960’s to the present day and how it all went wrong in 2015 when the Times began twisting real facts and using alternative facts to push their agenda, which originated with (no surprise) the MAGA and Christian nationalist right whose ultimate goal is to eradicate transgenderism. All truths are avoided or played down in order for the Times to achieve its despicable agenda.

This book was a revelation to me because the Times was a newspaper I used to respect. I had no idea that it had sunk as low as the National Enquirer with regard to trans kids’ rights. That saddens me and from now on, I will be suspicious concerning everything spewed out from the Times.

I highly recommend Riki Wilchins’ new book to all trans folks who are concerned about maintaining their hard-earned rights. 

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Diana Grant
British beauty Diana Grant, out and about

Monday, July 8, 2024

My Favorite Things

Here are a few of my favorite things.

I love carrying a handbag... the girlier, the better. (Don’t want my bag to be mistaken for a manbag.)

Don't know if I have Gynecomastia or not, but I do know that I have breasts that are large enough to fill a size 40B bra without inserts, pads or any other assistance. And when I slip on my bra, I love finding those two perky mounds on my chest (it never gets old).

Mom loved high heels, always wore them when she went out and she owned a closet full. Like mother, like daughter, I love high heels, usually wear them when I go out and I own a closet full.

Mom had shapely legs. When she worked in an office before she married, her nickname was “Legs.” Again like mother, like daughter, I inherited my mother legs and a transman once dubbed me “Leggy.” I love being my mother’s daughter.

Mom was also a pretty woman. I like to think that I take after her in that regard, too, but I will let others be the judge of that.

I love being a feminine man. When I am en homme, it can be a hindrance, but it works so well for me when I am en femme that I would not have it any other way.

Making up my face is something I always look forward to. I love the process, the tricks, the shortcuts and especially the results. After I do my makeup, slip on my wig and look in the mirror, it is always an aha moment! (Yes, I really am a woman.)

And so it goes.

Source: The Outnet
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Modern female escorts womanless beauty pageant contestant.