Monday, July 31, 2023

Stuff 3

By J. J. Atwell

Yet Again

It’s JJ with more stuff. I’d like to think that there is no end to stuff. This is the third installment of “Stuff” and I’ve got more to come. I hope you’ll continue following along. 

Being Cautious

Women grow up hearing that they need to be careful when out in the world. Guys are taught how to take care of themselves. So guys develop a sense of confidence when out. Women have to be aware of their environment and their approach to certain situations is different. Things that women worry about wouldn’t even cross our minds as guys.

An interesting experience was JJ’s first time going to a restaurant. The group I joined was having a girls night out at a restaurant in a mall just before Christmas. She was nicely dressed in a pleated black skirt, a red top and black patent flats. Flats, because she wasn’t confident in her walk to chance heels on this outing.  

Arriving at the mall in daylight, I saw clusters of people standing outside the entrance. The lot was crowded, but I found a parking spot several rows back. The big moment was upon her. JJ took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. 

Wow!!! She was out in daylight in the middle of the general public!! What a rush! Then I realized that I would have to walk past those groups to get to the restaurant. Adopting my best girly walk, I made it to the restaurant without anybody noticing. At least if they did, I didn’t hear any comments.

All of that was good. The group had a nice meal in the restaurant with no indication that any of the other patrons noticed anything unusual. But at the end of the night, when it was time to leave, exiting the restaurant I saw that my car was in a dark area of the parking lot and I would be a lone “woman” walking over to it.  

Guys wouldn’t give this a second thought. Fortunately, nothing untoward happened, but I did learn a lesson from that experience. Next time I’ll be more conscious of my surroundings when JJ is out. I’ll also adopt habits that women do when out. Have my keys in my hand.  Have my bag slung tightly to my body. That’s some important stuff.

I’ll be back

Today’s blog is more cautionary than the previous two. That’s because although the world has become more accepting, there are still too many that don’t want “us” around. I really hope everybody will consider their environment when venturing out. I want you back, too.

As before, comments are welcome either here on the blog or by email to Jenn6nov at-sign JJ is always looking for more stuff!

Source: Rue La La
Wearing London Times

He and She
He and She becomes She and She

Sunday, July 30, 2023

Someday Funnies

(Suggested by Penny from Edinburgh)

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Wearing Zac Posen

Leonard Smith
Leonard Smith dresses pretty on a 1952 episode of television’s Our Miss Brooks.

Friday, July 28, 2023

Bad News

My wife was transferred from the general hospital to the rehab hospital Friday afternoon. Friday evening, she attempted to stand and walk to the bathroom to get a drink of water. She is so weak after being in a bed for three weeks that she fell to the floor, hit her head, complained of neck pain and was taken to the ER at the general hospital. ER put a collar on her and will perform a CT scan ASAP. 

Needless to say, I am totally stressed out over my wife’s condition. Writing this blog is the only thing keeping me sane.

Please pray for my wife. She is an angel and does not deserve what has happened to her.

UPDATE: All the test results were negative and the hospital sent her back to rehab. So thank you all for your prayers.

Act Naturally

Man Carrying Purse
Elise wrote, “What are your thoughts on personality traits having gender associated with them? For example, why are some traits considered male or female, instead of just being a trait of a specific person regardless of their gender? 

My ex used to (mockingly) say that I was more of a woman than her because I am sensitive, compassionate, sentimental, etc, but I just see those as things that make me who I am. They don't mean there is something ‘wrong’ with me as a man, or that I should become a woman if I want to act that way. 

It just really bothers me when people are criticized for being their authentic selves and not meeting some societal standard of how a man or woman should act, instead of celebrated for being their authentic selves.”

I could be the poster boy/girl for ignoring society’s straitjackets for what makes a man or a woman.

Whenever I recount my trans biography, I usually mention that as a youngster, I participated in sports (baseball and football) and played “boy games” (cowboys, war, spacemen, etc.). I felt that I was a typical boy and I enjoyed doing “boy games,” unlike many of my trans sisters, who as children, hated “boy games” and preferred “girl games.”

I also mention that despite my participation and enjoyment of those boy things, other boys called me names like “sissy,” “fairy,” “faggot,” etc., which indicated to me that I was not necessarily all the boy I thought I was.

This was not just a case of bullies using random offensive names to raise my ire. Even a few of my friends told me that I was not acting like a boy at a 100% level and that I should do something about it.

I wondered if there was something in my mannerisms or speech that caused their reaction. I was not intentionally acting or speaking in an affected manner. Rather, I was speaking and acting in my natural manner, which I did not feel was feminine.

The fact that even friends told me that something was amiss indicated that something really was amiss, but I was clueless. I had no idea what I had to do differently to be more boy-like. So, I continued acting the same way I always acted and if someone called me a name, I hit them with my purse.

Even in high school, college and law school, I occasionally ran into guys, who commented on my particular flavor of masculinity, but I just shrugged them off and kept on truckin’. By then, I was crossdressing in secret and only coming out en femme for Halloween including an appearance in drag at a Halloween party in law school.

I will never forget a friend at that party telling me that he never realized how feminine my speech and mannerisms were until he saw me in drag. He indicated that my female costume was a perfect fit for my normal mannerisms and speech.

After mentioning this story at outreach one time, one of the students said that my mannerisms were feminine and that my friends and acquaintances had been in the ballpark in their estimation of me.

Yet, nothing has changed. I still do not affect a feminine persona. I still act naturally and no differently whether in boy mode or girl mode.

I admit that I do try to walk more like a woman when I am en femme and I talk more softly when I femulate (if I remember to do so), but most of what you get is the genuine me. And I am not changing a thing.

So to answer your question, Elise, I don’t put much stock in society’s standards regarding gender traits.

Source: Intermix
Source: Intermix

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

’60’s Chick

Growing up as a crossdresser in the 1960’s was not a happy place to be. 

For starters, I had no idea what motivated me on that summer day in 1963 to go to my mother’s bedroom and try on a pair of her nylons and high heel shoes. That Pandora’s Box moment was the beginning of my 60-year love affair with crossdressing, but during those early days, it was a tumultuous affair.

I was very guilty about what I was doing. Heaven forbid that anyone found out that whenever I was home alone, I was exploring my mother’s and sister’s wardrobes. I was so closeted that when my best friend suggested that we dress up as girls for Halloween, I feigned complete disinterest, although in reality, I would have loved to have done it.

The closeting of my crossdressing was not as effective as I thought because in retrospect, all the evidence indicates that my parents knew what I was doing, but they never confronted me about it.

The closet was very stifling. After honing my crossdressing skills in private for almost half a decade, I had to let the girl out of the confines of the closet. So on Halloween 1969, I borrowed my sister’s purple mini-dress, black mid-heel pumps, black tights, wiglet and knit beige cap. I wore minimal makeup. Although I had been wearing my mother’s and sister’s foundation garments in secret for years, I skipped the bra and girdle because I did not think they would appreciate me wearing such personal items.

Mind you, I had no place to go. I was too old to trick-or-treat, I had not been invited to any Halloween parties and I was too young to go bar-hopping. So I drove around town visiting a few friends and relatives, who were amused by my costume. I don’t know if I passed (I’m sure I did not), but I did not care. I was having the time of my life! All I cared about was that I was out in public living a few hours as the young woman I had discovered and nourished for the past few years.

👠 👠 👠

While searching the Internet for an appropriate image to accompany today’s post, I came upon something completely different: Mantis Lady Vintage, a website that sells vintage woman’s clothing. The site is the creation of Edward V. Cantwell, who not only sells the vintage clothing, but models it, too!

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Mark before, Jan after

Monday, July 24, 2023

Stuff 2

By J. J. Atwell

Hello again!

It’s JJ again! The fact that you are reading this means that Stana thought my initial attempt at a blog post was worthy of a second try. I hope you’ll find it thought provoking.  


We all know that being a woman or just dressing like one, has its challenges. For example, how many of us have sat on a cold bench while wearing a short skirt? How high did you jump? How do women get used to that?

Let’s talk about the experience of driving while dressed. During my first time out, I was hyper aware of several things. The feeling of the seat belt shoulder harness between my boobs. The restricted peripheral vision from the long hair framing my face. The sight of red nails on the steering wheel. Operating the gas and brake pedals while wearing heels. Being sure you pull your skirt fully into the car so it doesn’t get caught in the door.  

Women do this just as a matter of routine. It’s all very different from the average guy experiences though. I hope you have all had the opportunity to experience these sensations.  They are both scary and exhilarating at the same time. Go ahead and push your boundaries.  Put your stuff out there.

I’ll be back

A fairly short piece today, but I hope my stuff gives you something to think about. As before, comments are welcome either here on the blog or by email to Jenn6nov at-sign JJ is always looking for more stuff!

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Bobbi Jo, before and after
Bobbi Jo, Before and After
I confess. This is not a legitimate Before and After photo. It is just a random photo I found on the Internet that fit the Before and After meme so well that I could not resist posting it. I would like to continue posting legitimate Before and After photos, so just send your photos to stana-stana at-sign and I’ll take it from there.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Nothing but good news!

My wife is being transferred from the hospital to a rehab facility to help her get back on her feet. That’s progress and I am so happy for her. I can’t wait to bring her home!

I am walking in heels again. My titanium knee is approaching 100% normality and I am able to walk around in 3- and 4-inch heels for extended periods of time without any problems.

Like I said, “Nothing but good news!”

Someday Funnies: Cold Feet

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Lee, before and after