Saturday, November 18, 2023

Still Fab

The Beatles released a new song and two remixed/remastered albums last week. As a huge Beatles fan, I created the above image to commemorate the new releases. Rock on!

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Dylan is a blue-eyed Taurus whose dream is to become a supermodel. Dylan loves vintage fashion -- especially from the '60s, '70s and '80s. Dylan is a proud transgender who also enjoys writing and creating music.  (Source: Toronto Sun. Suggested by Karen)


  1. don't forget Sweet Loretta Martin!

  2. As for recommendations for trans women, Mia Moore Marchant (stoptweetingmia on twitter) is a young trans woman filmmaker who is currently making a film (in post-production) called Again, Again about a young trans lesbian who is in a Groundhog Day-type time bubble until one day it stops suddenly, after ten years. Her girlfriend Alexa Feeney/Bugs Maytrix is also a trans woman/nonbinary/femboy.

  3. If I were in Desmon' I would be.sing Johnny Cash's songs such as "Ghost Riders" and "Rings of Fire" as I'm a bass singer. Of course I would dress myself to resemble Dolly Parton.


  4. Here’s a link to more photos of the stunning Dylan.

    1. Thank you for sharing! Such lovely fashion she has!

  5. I was one of those fortunate people who got to see the Beatles. Back in 66 here in Chicago. Giving away my age. A night to remember. Still have the program some where!

  6. I want to bring up with you and all the ladies something I have never seen or heard anyone on this site discuss/talk about. I'm a professional looking mature older woman that wears suits with jackets & skirts or a dress/jacket combinations who also enjoys lighting up and smoking VS120's cigarettes as femininely as possible. On the inside I see and feel like a adult sissy baby gurl wearing feminine girly diapers and training panties in case I lose total control filling my diapers/training panties. I love being both for awhile appearing grandmotherly smoking & talking with other ladies my age just like my mom and her girlfriends did but now I want, need and desire to be forced to be a three year old adult sissy baby gurl with a man, woman or couple wearing little baby girl's dainty frilly clothing diapered, mittens on my hands drinking baby formula and eating baby. Would love to find a man, woman or couple who would love to do that with me including controlling my smoking habit as well because I never read about adult sissy baby girl smoking.

  7. I'm seeing lots of red! Lots of lovely red❤️