Monday, December 30, 2019

Sticking My Neck Out

I have sun damage on the sides of my neck.

All of the foundations I have used only cover the damage temporarily and sooner or later (usually sooner), the red skin shows through.

Visiting Sephora a few years ago, I asked a sales rep what they had to correct the problem. The rep suggested using a color correcting foundation primer from Smashbox. It is green and it goes on where needed under your normal foundation.

I bought the primer and used it on a few occasions, but I was not impressed with its performance and abandoned it resigning myself to depending on the coverage my foundation provided. Switching from a powder to liquid foundation provided longer coverage, but was not a final solution.

About a month ago, I saw an advertisement for Gold Bond Ultimate Neck & Chest Firming Cream and I thought it might help.

I bought a tube online and when it arrived, I applied it on my neck in the morning after shaving and cleansing my face. Gold Bond recommends applying it in the evening, too, but I usually forgot and only used a couple of times at night.

Anyway, after using it for about a week, I noticed a big improvement. The sun damage was less apparent because the redness was gone – the color of the damaged parts of my neck matched the color of the rest of my neck. Now one has to get up close and personal to notice the damage.

I am a very happy customer, use the cream daily and recommend it highly.

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Jason Segal
Jason Segal femulates Cher for Halloween on television's How I Met Your Mother.

Friday, December 27, 2019

My Favorite Angel

Who was your favorite angel?

In my opinion, Farrah Fawcett had more fans than the other two angels combined. She had the hair, she had the poster and she had the most publicity.

Despite Farrah’s popularity, my favorite angel was Jaclyn Smith. In my opinion, Jaclyn was more beautiful and sexier than the other angels. And she was the angel I wanted to be!

Fast-forward about ten years... I was attending my first transgender convention. A famous Hollywood makeup artist was at the convention doing makeovers for the attendees. After witnessing his demo in which he transformed an average-looking transgirl into a glamorous queen, I signed up for a makeover (it would be my first makeover ever).

During my makeover, I asked him which Hollywood actresses he had worked with and he rattled off a few names. Then I mentioned that I thought Jaclyn Smith was one of the most beautiful women among the current crop of stars (circa 1985). He responded that he had done Jaclyn's makeup a few times and that she had lousy skin that required a lot of work!

After bursting my balloon, he patched it up by adding that I had better skin than Jaclyn Smith!

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Alex Newell
Alex Newell

Thursday, December 26, 2019


You sent me a lot of the Christmas images to post in the Femulator slot below... so many that I had a small backlog by the time the big day arrived. So before the Christmas cheer wears off and the visions of sugar plums stop dancing in your head, I am posting all of your remaining Christmas images below!

Thank you again and Happy Boxing Day!

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Carollyn's Christmas Greetings

Peggy Sue
Peggy Sue’s Christmas selfie

Laura wishes you all a Merry Christmas!

Jeanine is surrounded by good friends and holiday cheer!

Aunty Marlena
Aunty Marlena sends her Christmas greetings!