Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Good Hair Day

Wednesday, left home without girl clothes on. I usually don't dress driving the first leg of my Hamvention roadtrip so I can get on the road as early as possible and beat the commuters in the tri-state area.

Femulating for the trip would get me on the road about 90 minutes later. Yes, I could get up 90 minutes earlier, but at my age, I need 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Yes, I could go to bed 90 minutes earlier but that never works because I just lay awake for 90 minutes and fall asleep at my normal time. And so it goes.

Anyway, I femulated Thursday morning after waking up in a hotel on the Ohio-Pennsylvania border.

I packed three wigs for the long weekend: the blond wig from Noriko called "Sky" that I have been wearing almost every time I femulated in the past year, the same wig in a different color called Kahlua-Blast (a medium brown base with honey blonde highlights in the front) that I wore once and a new blond wig from Raquel Welch called "Salsa."

Thursday morning, I femulated with Salsa. The accompanying photo shows how I looked wearing a Dress Barn frock, Avon scarf, Payless pumps, gold jewelry and an array of unmentionables.

By the time I arrived at the my destination in Dayton, Ohio, five hours later, I decided that Salsa was not me. It was just too country music fangirlish for me, so I switched to the Kahlua-Blast wig and fell in love with the way it looked. It reminded me of Janet Leigh's hair in the film Bye Bye Birdie, which is a look that I always liked.

Besides liking how the wig looked, I discovered something obvious: your earrings are more visible. I lost count how many times I thought, "Why bother wearing gold or silver earrings when they get lost in the blondness of my wig?" Now,my pretty gold and silver earrings are very noticeable in contrast to a dark wig.

I wore the Kahlua-Blast wig the rest of the long weekend and it was a big success.

👩 👩 👩

I had very little time to get on the Internet last week and the e-mail piled up in my in-box. I promise to answer it all in the next few days.

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor (Source: Ann Taylor)

Kacper Kuszewski
Kacper Kuszewski femulates Maria Callas on Polish television's Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Transform those Monday blues

I am driving home from Hamvention today; I should be home in the early afternoon.

I created today's post last Tuesday after I discovered a neat on-line app that girls like us can appreciate and enjoy. And I thought posting it today would be a good way to brighten the Monday blues.

Powered by FaceApp, this online app puts "Your Face on a Glamorous Magazine Cover In Seconds!"

But it does more than that! First, it performs a facial and removes all the lines and wrinkles you may have collected over the years. Then it gives you a glam makeover suitable for appearing on the cover of a glam magazine.

The app is simple to use. You simply point the app to a photo saved on your computer, tablet or smart phone and the app performs the transformation in about 15 seconds.

Sometimes the results are too blurry. (I performed ten transformations and discarded three as too blurry.)

One of my best transformations is the one you see at the top of this post. Yeah, "Wow!"


Source: Moda Operandi
Wearing Moda Operandi (Source: Moda Operandi)

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Stana is at Hamvention.

Source: Eloquii
Wearing Eloquii (Source: Eloquii)

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo
Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo with Shirley MacLaine on television's Where Do We Go From Here (1977)

Friday, May 18, 2018


Stana is away.

Source: Intermix
Ellery top, Rag & Bone skirt, Jimmy Choo booties and Alexander Wang bag (Source: Intermix)

1921 International Congress for Sex Reform on the Basis of Sexology
Crossdressers at the 1921 International Congress for Sex Reform on the Basis of Sexology, Berlin.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Stana is on the road.

Source: ShopBop
Wearing Alexander Wang (Source: ShopBop)

Rory O'Neill
Rory O'Neill (center) in the 2015 Irish documentary The Queen of Ireland.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

See You in Xenia

My Internet presence will be sporadic from now until Monday as I will be traveling to and from the Dayton, Ohio area to attend the annual ham radio convention, Hamvention.

I will try to post when I can, but my dance card is usually so full during Hamvention that I have very little time to get on the net.

If you are attending Hamvention, I will be staffing TAPR's booths in Building 5 of the Greene County Fairgrounds in Xenia, Ohio. Maybe we can have an eyeball QSO!

Anyways, I am cutting this post short because I have to finish packing.

And so it goes.

Source: Rent the Runway
Wearing Yumi Kim (Source: Rent the Runway)

Hari Nef
Hari Nef on Internet television's Transparent (2016).

Monday, May 14, 2018

My Turn

Last week, I asked for your suggestions about how to improve the blog. In response, I received 14 comments and one e-mail. Following is a summary of what you wrote.

Seven readers were happy with the blog as is.

Two readers would like too see more guest posts.
Actually, I encourage everyone to post here. I do reserve the right to reject a guest post, but I seldom have in the past. In fact, I cannot recall ever rejecting a guest post.
One reader suggested that I provide the links for the sources of femulator photos.
Good suggestion and I do provide the links when I can, but I usually can't because I don't remember the sources.
If you need to find a source for a photo, upload a copy of the photo to Google Images, which is very good at locating sources.
That same reader suggested that I "stop mocking women who are not as pretty as you."
First, thank you for saying that I am "pretty." 
Second, I apologize for the mocking, but I cannot recall ever mocking anyone.
Two readers suggested that I avoid politics, while four readers were ok with my expressing political opinions and two readers were ok with my expressing opinions, in general.
I have been writing this blog for over 11 years and during that time, I usually avoid politics. Besides promoting the election of the greatest president in recent times, I only get political when a politician tries to turn his/her transphobic views into law.    
The current occupant of the White House is conducting a "War on Transgenders" that has the potential of negatively affecting my freedom, as well as the freedom of most of the readers of this blog. 
If you don't mind losing the freedom to live life as your true gender, then click the Next Blog button at the top of this page. But I do mind and I will continue to express my views on the matter until that despicable human residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue resigns.

Source: ModCloth
Wearing ModCloth (Source: ModCloth)

It's true: Youth is wasted on the young!
It's true: Youth is wasted on the young!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Someday Funnies

A single Dad celebrates Mother's Day.
A single father celebrates Mother's Day.

Source: Elle
Wearing Stuart Weitzman shoes (Source: Elle)

Ronnie Barker
Ronnie Barker femulates on the British television comedy series The Two Ronnies (1972).

Friday, May 11, 2018

Crossdresser or Pretty-Dresser?

Transistor Dept.

I know some of you are radio-inclined, so if you are attending Hamvention next week, I'd love to see you in person. I will be staffing TAPR's booths in Building 5 of the Greene County Fairgrounds and attending the annual TAPR-AMSAT banquet Friday evening. CUL

Time Magazine, August 19, 2039
(Source: the extraordinary gender role reversal
art of Jamie Vesta)
Puppy Dog Tails Dept.

I had a revelation last night when I was reading your comments to yesterday's post (If sugar and spice and everything nice was a boy thing).

Stephanie asked, if we lived in a world where males dressed like females and females dressed like males, would I (a cisgender male) "still desire to wear the clothing of the opposite sex like I do in the real world I exist in now?"

This may start a firestorm, but here is what I thought.

If you answer "yes," then you are a male-to-female transexual. You are really a woman and you crossdress to present as your true gender. The clothes are not important; gender is what matters to you.

If you answer "no," then you are not a transexual. You are really a "pretty-dresser," that is, you like to dress pretty and in order to fit in, you may even speak and act like the gender that "normally" dresses pretty. The clothes and all the trappings of the pretty-dressing is what matters to you.

And so it goes.

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper (Source: Boston Proper)

George Jetson lives a femulator's dream when he becomes Georgina Jetstream, lands a job as a secretary and goes out on a date with the boss.