Thursday, November 23, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving

Source: The Outlet
Wearing Zimmermann

Jeremy Stockwell
Jeremy Stockwell femulating in the 1970 film Dinah East.


  1. I remember well my mother would be up and began getting everything ready sometime around 5am work so hard to make everything just perfect my aunts would arrive by 11 with all they prepared. mom would disappear for about a half an hour and returned dressed to the nines like they use to say. A beautiful outfit, heels and perfect make up. Mean while my sisters and girl cousins would set the table. And yes us guys would would sit in front of the TV watching football or something. While I loved how my mom dressed and how pretty my aunts, sisters, and girl cousins looked I guess it was one day I was glad I was male. Still I thought that it would be nice at least to look like the end result. Sometimes when wearing the right outfit I remember mom and how she was in all her glory as a woman, a wife and mother on those thanksgiving days.

    1. A lady of my church invited me over to her house for Thanksgiving where she had her children and grandchildren at her house.
      I have to say all I wore was a black long sleeve maxi dress with autumn leaves, along with black running shoes, painted fingernails, and lipstick. So I did not meet the standards as described above.
      Anyway, I was the only one wearing a dress. Everybody else was wearing T shirts and jeans. Nobody made me feel uncomfortable for my attire.


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    Thanks everyone!

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