Sunday, June 30, 2013

Keep On Asking Me Anything

Some readers have already sent me questions, which I plan to answer in the upcoming days. Thank-you!

If you used the Comments option to send me a questions, I am not going to post your Comments, but I will save your questions to be answered along with the ones that came in via e-mail.

To repeat yesterday's post, this is your opportunity to ask me anything and I promise to respond honestly. However, I reserve the right to respond to snarky questions with snarky answers.

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ask Me Anything

Don't be shy! This is your opportunity to ask me anything and I promise to respond honestly. However, I reserve the right to respond to snarky questions with snarky answers.

So, don't wait. Click on the "send me e-mail" link under my mugshot in the right column, and ask away.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Stonewall was Our Wall

I try to avoid politics here because my very liberal political beliefs piss people off and as you knows, "girls just want to have fun!" But the end of DOMA has brought up an issue that has been stuck in my craw for years, that is, the marginalization of our participation in Stonewall.

Reading some gay histories, you would never know that transwomen were at Stonewall, when in fact, if it wasn't for transwomen, Stonewall may never have happened.

Transwomen fought the cops at Stonewall, transwomen were arrested at Stonewall and as a result, transwomen shined a light on the years of abuse that the TLGB community had suffered at the hands of “the Man.”

My good friend, Diana, who writes a lot about trans politics over on her blog, covered this topic yesterday. I urge you to read what she wrote.

Car Crazy Cutie




A chorus line of femulators performing at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1920.




Wearing Jason Wu.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

T Shop


Stan the Tire Man's shop is located in Mount Vernon, Illinois, and Stan's female persona has been standing outside the shop since at least 2002 according to Roadside America. Supposedly, she held a tire in her left left hand, but got tired of that --- bad enough having to stand in those high heel pumps 24/7/365!

Too bad Stan didn’t repair transmissions!




A group of happy femulators, circa 2006.



Source: ShopBop

Wearing L'Wren Scott.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

California Girl


This ravishing beauty is actually a femulating buddy from Downey High School in beautiful Downey, California. Of all the girls in the latest batch of high school yearbook femulators Starla has just sent me, she is my pick for the High School Femulator Most Likely To Still Be Femulating Today Award.

This California girl joins 100 other girls whose images I have uploaded to flickr for your admiration and inspiration, which you may view in two ways:

Method 1: Open one of the Yearbooks sets (A through Z) and you will find the newest uploads at the end/bottom of the set. (The oldest uploads appear at the beginning/top of the set.)

Method 2: Open my photostream and you will find the newest uploads at the top of page 1. The uploads get older as the page numbers get higher with the oldest uploads on the last page.

By the way, the contents of the Yearbook A through Z sets are organized according to school name, for example, the photos from Hard Knox High School would be in the Yearbooks H set.

Another by the way, I want to send a big THANK-YOU to Starla for her continuing hard work digging up these vintage femulations from online high school yearbooks.




Professional femulator in Paris, circa 1955.



Source: Just Fab

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mid-Femme Mode Redux


I discussed "mid-femme mode" here on 31 May.

Earlier today, Juan's New Male Fashion posted the accompanying photo of a fashionable fellow on the streets of New York City.

Juan noted the fellow's blouse, black skirt, leather purse and matching wristband. Juan (and I) did not care much for his shoes. Also, I noticed that he is wearing lip color and when I magnify the image, it looks like he is wearing nail polish, too.

I believe this is a very good example of mid-femme mode.

Pink for Boys, Blue for Girls




Actor James Maslow femulating in television’s Big Time Rush in 2011.



Source: DailyLook

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Scene from This is 40


I watched This is 40 last night and 13:32 minutes into the film, the following short scene plays out.

In a woman's clothing boutique, a saleswoman (played by Megan Fox) speaks with a male (played by Hugh Fink).

Saleswoman says, " deep oranges and browns; maybe some dark greens that would really play up your features."

Male responds, "I'll just take out my AMEX and you pick out what you think is good."

End of scene.

It is a throwaway scene. It has nothing to do with the plot of the film and there are no other references to this scene in the film. It makes one wonder why it was included in a 134-minute film, which is very long for a comedy.

Go figure.



womanless beauty pageant - univ of wisc-madison - 1951

Student femulators compete in the Miss Haresfoot womanless beauty pageant at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1951.



Source: DressBarn

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Paula Visits Toronto - Part 2

By Paula Gaikowski

The following is the conclusion of Paula's account of a trip she took to Toronto in December 2010.

Paula in Toronto I am seated in the restaurant and after about five minutes an Asian man with a strong accent who was seated near me comes to my table and begins asking me something. At first I think he’s asking me if I am alone and would I like company. Becoming a little flustered I finally realize he is asking me if my name is Yvonne. I politely answered no, but then realized later when a female colleague (tall and blonde like me) joined him that he was waiting for someone he hadn’t met before.

Wow - he actually thought I was a woman! My office girl look was authentic enough for him to think that I was his colleague. It just floors me to think that I passed. I know we all say it’s not important, but it’s good to know you are being seen as a woman and not a caricature. I enjoyed my meal, had a couple glasses of wine and went back to my room and slept sweetly.

The next day, I was busy at work, it was very cold, and I was tired. I went out for a good Italian meal at Anna Fazolies and called it a night.

The next night I was still tired and almost didn’t get dressed up, but after I showered, I just had to get out. So I put on my favorite print skirt, my dark jacket, a nice pair of low heels, my new wool coat and off I went. I passed a man in the hallway and he smiled and said, "Hello." I drove to the mall and had to walk a long distance in the snow from the parking lot because of the Christmas shoppers.

I often wondered what it felt like to be out in the freezing cold with pantyhose. Years ago when I worked on Wall Street, I would watch and envy the women coming to work in their pantyhose and heels. When the weather became extremely cold, I would wonder how cold it must be for them. I remember thinking to myself that I would gladly endure such discomfort to be made a member of their sorority.

It was a melancholy thought because deep down I never thought that day would come. But here in the bitter cold of Canada, I felt a connection with those sisters of so many years ago as the Arctic winter winds drifted over my stocking-clad legs. One final note, my legs in pantyhose were no colder than pants.

Whenever I enter a mall for the first time, I’m always a bit apprehensive and wait for that moment of truth. How will everyone react? One step, two steps, 50 yards, 100 yards, and I am moving through the mall without a care and without drawing any attention.

I wanted to find Laura’s, a popular ladies store in Canada and buy a top to go with my new skirt. After wandering the mall and checking several directories, I finally stumbled into a Laura’s. The sales associate was about my age and very helpful. I told her I had just lost a lot of weight. We talked about how good that felt and how much fun it is to buy new clothes. I tried on several tops, but didn’t find anything I liked.

My next stop was MAC to find a lip pencil to match my lipstick. The store was very busy and a sales associate said she would be with me shortly. As I walked around the store, I kept checking the mirrors to see if any of the customers were reading me. Nobody seemed to notice a thing. It makes me feel good to be able to shop and blend in as a woman; it is something that never stops bringing me joy.

The sales associate came over and we tried several shades. She complemented me on a bracelet I was wearing. “Where did you get that --- it’s lovely,” she chimed.
Caught a bit off-guard, I wasn’t sure how to respond and came out with, “Oh thank you. It was a gift... from my husband.”

“HUSBAND,” I shouted in my mind. I couldn’t believe I said that; it sounded so odd, but it also evoked a whimsical reflection of what might have been.

When I went to pay, I fumbled with my purse and it nestled itself quite naturally on a shelf. I noticed for the first time that there was a little shelf on the counter to put your purse as you opened it. As a man, I never realized why that was there, but when paying as a woman, my purse naturally rested there --- just a cute observation seen from the other side of life.

I went out into the mall and slowly window-shopped appreciating my remaining time as a girl. I stop in front of a bridal shop and admired a gown in the window. Lost in thought, I then noticed a sales associate looking out at me. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other as women do.

I finally trudged back to the car through the snow and drove back to the hotel. Two businessmen rode the elevator with me and got off on the same floor, I got off the elevator first, smiled and said, "Thank you."

Back in the room, time had once again run out on this modern-day version of Cinderella. She quietly stepped out of her magic slippers, pulled off her mane of beautiful hair and heartbreakingly turned back into a pumpkin.



Robert Caso

Actor Robert Caso femulating in the 1993 film The Naked Truth.



Source: Belle & Clive

Wearing JB by Julie Brown.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Paula Visits Toronto - Part 1

By Paula Gaikowski

The following is the first part of Paula’s account of a trip she took to Toronto in December 2010.

Wow - what a great trip to Toronto! I had been planning this for months and although I didn’t do everything I planned, it did turn out great. It was cold, about 20 degrees Fahrenheit and very wintery when I arrived in Toronto that morning.

I checked into the hotel, showered, shaved and started getting dressed. I had recently bought a new red sweater at Kohl’s. It was great to slip into that size XL ladies sweater and see it accent my new figure and curves. I wanted to wear my black skirt, but it was just too cold with snow and cold weather. I don’t think there was a single cisgendered woman in Toronto wearing a dress that day. And if there was, she would be wearing boots which unfortunately, I didn’t have. So I opted for jeans and flats and my new wool winter coat.

My plan was to hit a few of the local malls and then make my way to Eaton Centre a giant underground shopping mall in downtown Toronto. I wanted to try a Reitman’s since I heard so much about them. I found a Reitman’s close by, went in and of course, nobody seemed to notice anything unusual about me. This was my first time out in a few months so I was a bit nervous, but that soon passed.

Next I went to a Payless shoe store and started trying on shoes since there was huge selection of size 12s. I was looking for a pair of winter boots but had no luck. The cool thing was there were other women right next to me and we all just rubbed elbows trying on shoes. It was so much fun. I would keep an eye open to see if there were any looks or whispers and I couldn’t detect anything amiss.

After I was done at Payless my next move was down through the Toronto traffic to Eaton Centre and into the huge underground parking garage. I made sure to note the level and section I parked in, but neglected to remember something else important.

I went up the elevator and started walking around the mall and soon realized I wasn’t in Eaton Centre proper, so I mustered up some courage and asked a female security guard for directions. She was very helpful and called me Ma’am!

Down, across, under and up I went thru the labyrinth of underground connections all the while leaving a mental trail of bread crumbs to find my way back. Out mixing with the throngs of holiday shoppers, once again I went unnoticed. My confidence building as I went into a Laura’s looking for a pair of black pants. The sales associate who assisted me quickly grabbed several pairs of pants and got me into a fitting room. I soon found out that I was now a size 18W and was giddy with the way the pants looked. We tried on several tops and she also brought me a couple of pairs of skirts to try on.

The whole time, the sales associates kept complementing me on how they looked. When I tried on a charcoal grey pencil skirt, I fell in love with it. A size 18W and it fit so nicely accenting my curves. The girls we’re all in agreement that it was just perfect for me and it looked fabulous! It was surreal to be standing there in another country actually living and interacting as a female. It was something I never thought would happen. I bought the skirt at $90 and I still treasure it.

I made my way back to the car and guess what? I went to the orange level, section 2 N, just as I had remembered. But I couldn’t find my car.

Do you know why? Because it was a rental and I forgot the make and color!

I wandered around the dark parking garage, starting to get a little scared. First of all, I am feeling vulnerable as a woman alone in a parking garage. Secondly, if I can’t find my car, what do I do? So I keep walking and clicking my key hoping to see the lights.

I passed another women, who like me can’t find her car. She starts asking me for assistance. I don’t want to say too much and out myself for fear of causing her distress. I shrug my shoulders, smile and we commiserate as only two gals could and kept looking. Finally, I see the tail lights blink.

I pay for the parking and the clerk doesn’t bat an eye. Back at my hotel room I am not ready to call it a night. So I freshen up my make-up, put on my new skirt and decide to dine in the hotel restaurant. I rode the elevator with two chatting business men, who kindly motioned for me to exit ladies first. This small act of courtesy meant so much to me; it is as if society is saying we recognize that you are a woman. As any transgender woman knows, this is something we seek our whole lives.

Part 2 of Paula’s Toronto adventure will appear here tomorrow.



Charles Busch

Actor Charles-Busch femulating on stage in Die Mommie Die, 2007.



Source: ShopBop

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Friday, June 21, 2013

How hot?


In honor of the beginning of the Northern Hemisphere's hottest season, I am passing along some movie trivia from IMDB and elsewhere about the hottest femulation film of its time, Some Like It Hot.

Tony Curtis's voice as Josephine was dubbed by Paul Frees (according to co-writer I.A.L. Diamond). Curtis confirmed it by stating the voice you hear as Josephine is a combination of his voice and Frees'. Curtis says he had trouble maintaining a high-pitched voice for an entire take.

Supposedly when Orry-Kelly was measuring all three stars for dresses, he half-jokingly told Marilyn Monroe, "Tony Curtis has a nicer butt than you," at which point Monroe pulled open her blouse and said, "Yeah, but he doesn't have t*ts like these!"

Upon its original release, Kansas banned the film from being shown in the state, explaining that crossdressing was "too disturbing for Kansans".

A cabaret dancer (a man who played women on stage) tried to teach Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon to walk in heels. After about a week, Lemmon declined his help, saying he didn't want to walk like a woman, but a man trying to walk like a woman.

When Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon first put on the female make-up and costumes, they walked around the Goldwyn Studios lot to see if they could "pass" as women. Then they tried using mirrors in public ladies rooms to fix their makeup, and when none of the women using it complained, they knew they could be convincing as women. There is a scene on the train recreating this moment.

In 2008, a Californian man who found a little black dress in his closet was stunned when appraisers for U.S. TV series Antiques Roadshow determined it once belonged to Marilyn Monroe. The frock - which Monroe was sewn into for Some Like It Hot - was estimated to be worth $250,000.

One of the few American movies ever given a "Condemned" rating by the Roman Catholic Legion of Decency.

I remember the first time the film appeared on television in the early 1960s. As a budding young femulator, my eyes were glued to the television set while simultaneously trying to feign disinterest so that no one would suspect my affinity for feminine finery.

Jack Lemmon’s son Chris Lemmon appeared in Vegas showgirl drag in an episode of a 1989-1990 television series titled Open House. His femulation was very good, but I have never been able to track down a photo of that femulation.    



Actor Brian Charles Rooney femulating in the 2012 stage production of Bedbugs!!!



source: DressBarn

Wearing DressBarn.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Smells like Gender Role Reversal


While searching the Internet for something else, I found something interesting that is Femulate-related.

My find was a series of short video clips from America's Next Top Model, "a reality television series in which a number of women compete for the title of America's Next Top Model and a chance to start their career in the modeling industry." (source: Wikipedia)

The latest season has both males and females competing. In one of the competitions, the models had to act in a perfume commercial, in which the gender roles were reversed, that is  the male models play the female roles and the female models play the male roles.

Here is the link to the Top Model webpage that has all the video clips from that competition.





Actor Régis Laspalès (right) femulating in the 2002 French film My Wife Maurice.



Source: ShopBop

Wearing Rag and Bone (blazer), Equipment (blouse) and Tory Burch (skirt).

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Who Knows

prints_2013-06-19 The building I work in houses two companies. So today, when we had a fire drill, the employees of both companies filed out to the parking lot.

While I was waiting for the drill to end, I was standing next to one of my fellow workers, who is gay. I mentioned to him that you do not realize how many people work for the other company until there is a fire drill.

He asked me if I had ever noticed the transgender person who worked for the other company. He added that the trans person was very tall, wore heels and did not pass.

I admitted that I had never seen her. And the conversation shifted gears.

Here are a few takeaways from that exchange.

1)   My fellow worker used the word "transgender." It was refreshing to hear a civilian use the correct terminology. Perhaps, the fact that he is gay made a difference and/or maybe he used the correct term in deference to me, which brings up the second takeaway.

2)   He knows I am transgender. (Ya think!?!) Maybe after my three Halloween at work en femme appearances, he put two and two together (or should I say, three and three). He was very good friends with a former employee, who I came out to. She was prone to gossip, so maybe she told him.

3)   If he knows, I am sure other people at work know or at least suspect.
I don't mind or care who knows, but I am always curious about how people find out or figure it out.



Three femulators at a bar in Provincetown, Massachusetts, during Fantasia Fair in 1993.




Wearing Tahari Arthur S. Levine.