Monday, November 20, 2023

Buying a bra on Amazon is just not the same!

A now defunct Macy’s ladies’ dressing room, circa 2013
Shopping in the mall en femme are some of my fondest femulating memories. I enjoyed going to the mall en homme, too. 

Friday nights, my friends would meet at the mall and hang out until closing hoping to pick up girls (seldom happened), while Kenny waited for his girlfriend Penny to get off from her job at Sears. That was in my late teens.

Fast forward a half decade found me in the mall trying to get up the courage to enter Frederick’s of Hollywood. After circling the mall a few times, I finally went in and purchased my first bra and wig.

Fast forward another half decade found me getting fitted for a bra in Victoria’s Secret en femme, as well as shopping en femme in Macy’s, JCPenney, Ann Taylor, etc. using the ladies’ dressing rooms to try on my finds without any complaints.

[Just to be safe, whenever I wanted to use the ladies’ dressing room, I always played dumb and asked a store employee where the dressing rooms were located. They always directed me to the ladies’ dressing room, so I was home free in case a civilian complained (that never happened).]

Have you been to a mall lately? 

All the malls I shopped en femme regularly are dying or dead. If you want to get depressed, go to YouTube, search on “dead malls” and see if your fave mall shows up. If it does, watch the video and take a tour – it is very sad.

I miss my old malls. Buying a bra on Amazon is just not the same!

The Barbie look
The Barbie look

Peter Sellers
Peter Sellers femulating in a deleted scene from the 1962 film Lolita.


  1. My goal is to get merchandise at a store is to get the items, pay for them, and leave the store as soon as possible. I do NOT enjoy shopping. Unfortunately for stores in a mall many people share my sentiments on shopping.
    I have settled on Vanity Fair underwire bras, size 40 DD that fit me fine. I order them from Amazon.


  2. Last year I had a bra fitting online with Marks & Spencers using Zoom, I think it was. When applying I told the site that I was male, and when we came online I asked the advisor if she minded (she said she had fitted many femulators before). I was fully en femme and she asked me to take my blouse off so she could see how my bra was fitting. The whole 30 minutes was so relaxed, and she even said that I looked lovely at one point! Just a thouroughly delightful experience

  3. Today's title brought back memories of my first bra purchase which was at the local Fred Meyer (Kroger) store. It was a vivid red Vanity Fair bra and panty that for sure would let me fly under the radar using the ruse of a Christmas present for my wife. I did not get any negative vibes from the cashier but I did get a sneer from the guy next in line. He must have been thinking it was not masculine for a guy to buy "unmentionables" for a woman. That Vanity Fair bra precipitated "The Talk" with my wife when our toddler daughter opened the bottom draw of my armoire and yanked it out of the large gift box I had my small collection of lingerie stored in it. My wife, as she took the bra from our daughter's hands, "Why would a man buy a bra when he has nothing to pack into it?" To say the least things were a little bit "icy" for awhile.

  4. As a child of the 80s, I spent a lot of time at the mall. And between trips to the record store and the food court, most of my time was spent admiring all of the feminine clothes...and wishing I could wear it all! I recall being particularly fond of all the bright colors of Benetton:)

  5. Sirena RiveraNovember 21, 2023

    Agreed. It’s not the same. I am lucky to have a Soma nearby. They are very accepting and helped me get fitted, as I needed to get some new bras earlier this year. The one I haven’t been able to find is a good unlined white bra. I’ve failed multiple times on Amazon. Now that the sales are here, I’ll try my luck again at Soma.