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Stuff: Support

By J.J. Atwell

Who Needs Support?

Everybody needs support. And no, it’s not just your boobs that need support. It’s what is happening inside your head that I’m covering today. 

It doesn’t matter what the issue is, support is something that helps us live a full life. Of course, since you’re reading this post on, you might be especially interested in support for you and other crossdressers. 

So where do we get that needed support?

On Line Support

There are lots of ways we can find support on line thanks to the expansion of the internet over the past 20+ years. Right here on this site you will read some very interesting stories about the topic. In fact, the mere act of reading Stana’s webpage is support itself.

If you also look at the right side of the page, Stana has several interesting sites for you to check out. Just spend some time reading these sites to get more comfortable about your crossdressing inclination. 

There are also several larger, specialist sites that offer a support network for us. These include, and If you haven’t explored those sites, you will find some very interesting stories there. They are from people like us and relate real world experiences. There is no shortage of advice dispensed on line, both here on Femulate and on the other referenced sites.

Real Life Support

Notice the “real life” part of this section. Yes, it involves meeting others in real life. It might be in a secure private meeting place, in the home of a crossdressing group or out in more public areas. I know that’s a huge step for many of us. It means we can’t hide our femme self behind a keyboard. The first time you do it will be scary. And exhilarating. 

The scary part lessens as you do it more frequently. I’m not sure it ever goes away. Fortunately, the exhilarating part doesn’t seem to go away either. 

I’ve been the beneficiary of this real life support and has really made a difference in my crossdressing world. It has helped me improve my femme presentation and my wife and I have made friends with other crossdresser/significant-other couples. 

It was through the internet resources mentioned above that I found out about a local crossdressing group that met monthly. Going to those meetings gets JJ out once a month. Some months we also get together with our new friends, typically in standard man/wife mode doing things that couples do together. 

I’ll Be Back

There is a part 2 to this story and you’ll see it soon. In the mean time I’ll be finding more Stuff to write about. Until then, I’d welcome comments here on Stana’s page or by email at Jenn6nov at-sign gmail dot com.

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