Monday, April 21, 2014

Woman’s Day

womans_day Tuesday is Woman's Day for me --- a full day out in the world as a woman.

I plan to do a little shopping in the morning, then go to Southern Connecticut State University to do transgender outreach at two Human Sexuality classes.

I live for Woman's Days --- those days when I can experience the world in my preferred gender. The rest of the time, those non-Woman's Days, I reflect on my last recent Woman's Day and anticipate my next Woman's Day.

Which is kind of sad... wasting those days in between living as a MINO (man in name only) when I  could be living full-time as a woman.

C'est la vie.





Actors Alex Ringler and Marty Thomas femulating on stage in Pageant: The Musical
(New York City, February 2014).





Source: Madeleine

Wearing Madeleine.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

They might as well


Dressbarn is super supportive of the trans community.

Their sales personnel do not bat an eye when a guy shopping for clothing in their stores wants to use the dressing room to try on what he picked out.

Dressbarn used to close the store and let groups host Very Indulgent Parties (VIPs). Members of the group would model the latest fashions and everyone in attendance could make purchases at a discount. I don’t see that option on their website any longer, but in the past, they were just as comfortable with transwomen VIPs  as they were with genetic women VIPs.

I always feel very comfortable shopping in Dressbarn, whether I am in en femme or en homme. The sales personnel at my local Dressbarn know me in either mode of dress and treat me with respect and in a friendly manner either way. And I am treated that same way in any of their stores even where I am UFO (unidentified femulating object).

So when are they going to drop the other high heel shoe and open a men’s department? Probably maybe never, but they will still get my business.





Professional femulator, Percy Vanderpoel, New York City, 1885.






Gila Golan

Friday, April 18, 2014

Woman Up

Source: Fashion to Figure I prefer garments that have skirts versus garments that have legs. As a result, my wardrobe weighs heavily with dresses and not so much with pants. I own one pair of dress pants, one pair of capris, two pairs of shorts, and four pairs of leggings.

Real women wear pants more often than skirts or dresses, so it is time to woman up and add more pants to my wardrobe.

I plan to do some shopping real soon now and I already perused the Fashion to Figure website to get an idea of what to look for and try on. They have a cute jumpsuit that might look attractive on me and I definitely want to try on a pair of their faux leather leggings. And I am sure while I am in the store, other items of interest will catch my eye.

A new acquaintance, Jeanine, mentioned that she has been out and about and recently attended a Women's Expo in Duluth. She remarked that she was treated very nicely by several vendors including the Essentia Health Skin Renewal Center, a Mary Kay representative and other nice people she met at the fashion show. (That's Jeanine's photo in the Femulator slot below.)

These women's expos seem to occur regularly in various locations in my neck of the woods and I have often considered attending. I was wondering if any other Femulate readers have attended such expos and if so, what was your experience (good and/or bad).

Do tell!





Source: Jeanine Williams

Jeanine Williams attending the 2014 Choice Unlimited Arts Masquerade Party in Duluth.





Source: Madeleine

Wearing Madeleine.