Friday, October 9, 2015

Life in the Femme Lane

Skimming some of my 5-year-old blog posts, I noticed the names of the folks who left comments in 2010 and realized that most regular commenters from back then no longer left comments and have not done so in a long time.

That got me curious, so I skimmed even older blog posts and found the same thing  after awhile regular commenters stop commenting.

Why's that?

My guess is that they outgrew the blog; they no longer needed the "pearls of wisdom" I had to offer because they were out and about discovering for themselves about living life in the femme lane.

I can only hope that my blog posts helped them get out and about.

Source: Rent the Runway
Wearing Chloe.

Source: Michelle
Michelle at work, Halloween 2013

I (we) of course don't need Halloween as an excuse to be out dressed anymore, not for a long time, but there does seem to be something special about going in to your place of business, isn't there? I suppose it's because co-workers, friends and acquaintances are seeing you as a woman, even (or maybe especially so) if you're not out.  Michelle

Thursday, October 8, 2015

First, the Bad News

First, the bad news: For personal reasons, I will not attend Fantasia Fair.

Now for the good news: There is no more news!

Source: Avon
Wearing Avon.

Deerhunter, a rock band
Deerhunter, a rock band

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Costumes You Probably Can't Wear To The Office

Following up on Monday's post "Chic Costumes You Can Wear To The Office," PopSugar proffers 37 "iconic" Halloween costumes

Whereas all the costumes mentioned here Monday could be worn to the office on Friday, the day before Halloween, many of today's suggestions are over the top. Depending on the culture of your workplace, they should only be donned for Halloween parties, although a few, like the Cher Horowitz costume pictured left, could work in the office, too.

As Halloween approaches, show us what you wore for our favorite holiday recently. Send me your costume photo and I will feature it in the Femulator slot below. To start things off, check out what I wore to the office last Halloween.


My 2014 Working Girl Halloween costume.