Monday, February 26, 2007

the Academy Awards and me

Last night, I watched the Academy Awards pre-shows on E! and ABC followed by the actual awards show. I called it quits about 11:15 PM. I had to go to work Monday morning and 11:15 PM is past my bedtime for a work night.

The awards lasted until almost 1 AM, but it is not like I missed much. Between the two pre-shows and the three hours of the awards show that I actually watch, I think I saw enough gown-wise.

I am a film fan, and I root for certain films to win awards, but my primary reason for watching the awards is to see what the girls are wearing and to fantasize how I would look in the same outfits.

Cameron Diaz was the best in my opinion. She looked perfect and I hope she invites me over to try on her gown real soon now.

Friday, February 23, 2007

hairbraiding at Sacred Heart Hospital

Last night on Scrubs, Dr. Kelso complained that "trannies" had braided the hair of his male assistant. Moments later, the assistant runs through the scene with his hair in braids complaining about the trannies.

I am a relative newcomer to this television series. Are trannies a regular part of the show?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

getting it right

After finishing my income taxes last night, I was too tired to do much else except sit on the couch and watch television. The pickings were slim and I ended up watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a tongue-in-cheek detective buddy movie starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Val Kilmer.

Kilmer plays a gay private eye and Downey plays an actor, who tags along with Kilmer to learn about the private eye business for a detective movie role he is supposed to appear in.

Near the end of the film, Downey makes a crack about Kilmer wearing panties. Kilmer responds that he is a homosexual, not a crossdresser. He adds that crossdressers are heterosexual, family men with kids.

It is nice when someone gets it right.

archiving "femulate this:" images

Yesterday, Anonymous left this comment: How about putting those great "femulate this" pictures in your picture folder?

I aim to please.

You can view all the "Femulate This:" images by clicking on my photos and images link.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

exchanging roles

I am convinced that men and women are in the process of exchanging roles. Since the 1960s, men have become more traditionally feminine, while women have become more traditionally masculine.

By traditionally feminine or masculine, I am referring to what was considered feminine and masculine at the beginning of this exchange, i.e., circa 1960.

For example:

In 1960, men were the breadwinners and women the homemakers.

Today, many women are bringing home the bread to their homemaking husbands.

In 1960, the majority of college graduates were men.

Today, the majority of college graduates are women. In the future, this will result in even more women becoming the breadwinners and more men becoming stay-at-home housewives.

In 1960, jewelry, cosmetics, high heel shoes, pocketbooks, coiffures, pastels, figure-hugging/revealing clothing, foundation garments, etc. were strictly female wear.

Today, males are just as likely to wear these items as females do. During the past decade, attempts to introduce skirts and dresses into the male wardrobe have not been very successful. But, there have been some successes and as the exchange of roles progresses, males in skirts and dresses will be more common.

In 1960, women wore skirts and dresses most of the time.

Today, women wear slacks and trousers most of the time; skirts and dresses only come out for special occasions.

In 1960, male body hair was accepted.

Today, male body hair is considered ugly; so many males remove their body hair.

In 1960, women stayed home and raised the children.

Today, with the ever-increasing number of male housewives, the male is likely to be raising the children.

You get the idea.

I feel that this exchange of roles has had a liberating effect on crossdressing. In 1960, crossdressing was deep in the closet. Few crossdressers went out in public en femme. Today, encountering men en femme in public is more common and has even become acceptable in some segments of our society.

With non-crossdressing men embracing so much of what was considered traditionally feminine, today there is not much difference between a crossdresser en femme and a metrosexual male adorned to the max with the trappings of the traditional female. So, crossdressers feel emboldened to go out en femme.

The big question is what will happen when there is no difference between crossdressers and non-crossdressers. When most males are wearing skirts and dresses, what will crossdressers wear? Will they crossdress by going out en femme wearing slacks and trousers like women wear? Or will they be satisfied with the exchange of male and female roles and continue to dress like traditional females?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

public restrooms

One concern I have when I am out en femme is the restroom issue. I try to avoid drinking much before or during my outings to avoid the necessity of using a public restroom. However, sometimes I cannot avoid it, so I throw caution to the wind and use the women's restroom.

So far, so good. I have never had a problem using a women's restroom. (Knock on wood!)

To the rescue is a new (to me) web site called that is a directory of "gender neutral bathrooms" in the United States. Simply enter a location (city and state), and the web site lists the gender neutral bathrooms (if any) for that location. The listing includes maps to facilitate finding a restroom in time of need.

For Connecticut, the directory lists gender neutral bathrooms in Hartford, Middletown, New Haven, and Waterbury. I am sure there are lots more. If you know of any that are not in the directory, you can add entries yourself (I added the Waterbury entry) and I encourage you to do so to make this directory as complete as possible.

long weekend

It was a long weekend and a busy one, too.

I did not do much en femme, but I did spend an hour or so trying on different outfits and combinations of skirts, tops, and footwear to make new outfits. It was fun!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

no go tonight

I doubt if I am going out en femme tonight. My back is sore and I am very tired from dealing with the snow and ice yesterday and today, so it will be an early night for me tonight.

On Saturday night, I will be going out en femme to a friend's birthday party. It will be a mixed crowd, trans-folks and non-trans-folks, so it should be fun.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

suit fits

Good news! With my bra and girdle on, the skirt suit I ordered from Metrostyle fits like a glove. Now I need an opportunity to wear it out.

If the weather is cooperative, I plan to go out Thursday evening to dine and later hobnob at a cocktail "hour" sponsored every month by Real Art Ways in Hartford. So hope for the best weather-wise.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

suit arrived

The skirt suit I ordered from Metrostyle arrived last evening. It looks as nice in my hands as it did in the catalog.

I held the skirt up to my waist and it should fit fine when I wear a girdle, but I tried the jacket on over my boy clothing (T-shirt and flannel shirt) and I think it is too small. I will try it on again tonight wearing a bra and girdle.

The suit does come in a larger size, so I can exchange it if it is too small.

Monday, February 12, 2007

new hair

My wig-shopping goal on Thursday was to get a wig similar to "Ryan," i.e., platinum blonde with dark roots, but longer for those times when a longer wig was the proper length to wear (to satisfy my fashionista side). The wig I purchased is a Raquel Welch brand wig named "Breeze." My wig stylist styled the wig for me so that it has more bangs than shown in this photo. It is a blonde wig with black roots very similar in color to Ryan.

My wig stylist also tried a shorter wig on me. She insists that I look great in shorter wigs and I have to admit that I fell in love with the one she suggested, so much so that I bought it. It is a Tressallure brand wig named "Gigi." It is "true platinum" in color, just like the photo.

Gigi reminded me of Meryl Streep's hairstyle in the film "The Devil Wore Prada."

Friday, February 9, 2007

short day out

I did go out en femme yesterday, but only for an hour. I felt poorly and did not feel up to it. However, since I already had taken the day off from work, I decided to visit my favorite wig store and buy a new wig. But, instead of one new wig, I bought two! Then, I called it a day en femme.

Some good news: I tried on my new dress with foundation garments and it looks fabulous.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

bad delivery

My Newport-News order arrived yesterday and I am not thrilled.

The ankle strap on the shoes just makes it through the buckle; I will have to make new holes in the strap in order to buckle it.

The dress did not look very nice on me. I was not wearing any foundation garments, so maybe it will look better when I do. I will try it on again tomorrow when I get dressed to go out.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Thursday outing

Thursday, I plan to go out en femme again.

First stop will be my favorite wig store to buy something new. I absolutely love the wig that I bought there one year ago: a platinum blonde feathered layered style with black roots called "Ryan," as in Meg Ryan. It looks so good that some people think it is my real hair! However, I also want something just as nice, but longer. Maybe in a different color, too. I am going to tell the wig stylist to have her way with me and pick out the wig(s) she thinks will look best. It should be fun!

Depending on the time, I will eat lunch, then go to Payless or vice versa. Payless is having a buy one, buy a second one at half-price sale and there are two pairs that I saw on their web site that I like.

After Payless, I may go to Fashion Bug or the mall. Whatever… I have not been out en femme in nearly two months and I am so looking forward to Thursday!

Monday, February 5, 2007

my new blog

Welcome to my new blog!

I am a male, who occasionally goes out in the world emulating a female. This blog documents my adventures en femme.