Monday, April 29, 2024

Stuff: Spring Cleaning

By J.J. Atwell

Hello again!

It’s spring and that, of course, means spring cleaning. Now that shouldn’t just be an excuse to break out the French Maid outfit, even though that does sound like fun. 

Today, I’d like to write about a difficult subject – how to thin out your closet. Yes, getting rid of some of those beautiful clothes that you worked so hard to acquire in the first place.

Why Should I Thin Out My Closet?

Well, in my case, my closet is only so big. There is only so much Stuff I can cram in there.  I’ve managed to accumulate quite a few pieces of femme clothing over the years, most of which I hadn’t worn in quite a while. It was time to make room for new Stuff. I’ve also lost a few pounds from my previous high, so I can now buy a smaller size. Looking at it like that makes the process a bit more bearable.  

How can I make it “bearable” you ask? Easy, because the only way to decide what to part with requires that you first try it all on. Imagine having to spend hours and hours trying on different outfits! Yes, that can be fun! It takes even longer if you let yourself get distracted by your image in the mirror. And don’t forget to go through your lingerie drawer(s).  

You may want some objective help when deciding what to keep. If you have an understanding friend, you can ask for their opinion on each outfit. You can also take pictures of yourself in each outfit and study them carefully. Ask yourself do they fit well? Are they still in good condition? Do they hide your figure faults? Do they enhance your best features? If you say “no” to any of those questions, then out they go. It’s time to be ruthless... and don’t call me “Ruth.”  

Ok, so now it’s time to organize the keepers. Some of them may need to be washed and pressed first. Then create some kind of order in your closet – something that makes sense to you. Perhaps putting all skirts together and arranging them by color? Or maybe pair the skirt with its matching top? Some people put the pieces they wear most often in the front. Again, whatever works for you.

The Stuff you aren’t keeping shouldn’t just go in the trash. The crossdresser group that I belong to has an annual event where everybody brings in their no longer needed clothes. We put them all out on tables and the other members sort through them for things they might like. If you don’t have that option, donating them to charity is good for the soul.  

I’ll be back

Yes, there will be more Stuff. If you’ve found this whole spring cleaning effort to be traumatizing and now need therapy, I find retail therapy works for me. In the meantime, comments are welcome either here on the blog or by email to Jenn6nov at-sign gmail dot com. J.J. is always looking for more stuff, so if there is something you would like to read about, please let me know!

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Wearing Alice + Olivia

Alexandre Styker
Alexandre Styker (right) femulating in the 2013 French film Belinda and Me.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Yesterday was Saturday

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Wearing Cara Cara

Raoul Vázquez femulates Bad Gyal on Spanish television’s Tu Cara Me Suena (Your Face Sounds Familiar).
Click here to view this absolutely amazing femulation on YouTube.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Friday, April 26, 2024

Bifurcated Crossdressing

After reading Hannah’s post and Rhonda’s post about dressing to blend or not, I thought about my progress as a crossdresser. 

As a novice, I wore dresses exclusively. I was of the opinion that if I wanted to crossdress wearing pants, I might as well forgo the wig, makeup, heels, handbag, etc. and go out in boy mode. 

In that distant past, my “outings” were to support group meetings or a rare support group-sponsored outings to a restaurant, beauty salon, whatever. I wore dresses during those outings and I blended in because all the other crossdressers were wearing dresses, too. (Ironically, the only attendees wearing pants were the wives and girlfriends who accompanied their “girls.”)

I started reconsidering my dress-only policy when I decided it was time to mix it up with the civilians (after being closeted* for too many years). So I bought a pair of gray leggings to wear for my debut in the real world. I paired the leggings with a black tunic sweater and black boots. (Click here to read about my first day out among the civilians.)

Since that first outing, what I wear out among the civilians depends on where I am going. I still prefer to dress to the nines, but in many situations, dressing to the nines is over the top and I have to pull back a little and dress to the eights or even the sevens.

Meanwhile, I have expanded my wardrobe to include many bifurcated garments. Since they are female bifurcated garments, there is no mistaking them for male bifurcated garments. The lack of pockets, zippers on the side, their tightness, fabric, length, color, etc. are some of the giveaways that the trousers you are wearing are milady’s and not my gents.

So, yes, it is still crossdressing if we wear pants.

* In my opinion, attending support group meetings/outings, trans conventions, etc. is as closeted as dressing at home… they are just bigger closets.

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Wearing Boston Proper

Yes, it’s still crossdressing!

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Age, Appearance, and Skin Care

By Cathy Peterson

Stana’s post got me thinking about how we look when we’re out in public presenting as women. I understand we’re all different in age, body type, home situation, make-up, clothing and style. I have processed this with my counseling therapist the last 12 years. When I adjusted my mind’s image of me as a woman away from trying to present like a young model and started presenting as a middle-age professional woman, that’s when being out in public really got better and much more relaxed. 

I’m 6 feet 2. I was over 240 poundsin my mid-50s (12 years ago). Then I got serious about taking care of myself, getting into shape and losing weight. 

Treating pre-cancerous growths with an intense homeopathic regimen that included two all-natural plant-based phytoestrogens kick-started a wild hormone imbalance. My T dropped below the 5th percentile for my age, while I had significantly elevated levels of estradiol, estrone, estriol, progesterone and eventually prolactin. My nails grew faster and stronger. My hair thickened and grew faster. My skin softened and what little fair body hair I had all but disappeared. And my cancer issues shrunk and were no longer a problem

In October 2016, I started experiencing early breast development and 18 months later I had B-cup breasts. At three years (Fall 2019) I was a full 36C (where I’m still at today). My endocrinologist joked those three stages are a very natural process of “buds, bumps, boobs.” During that time, I went from 228 pounds down to 192. 

I’m now 183 pounds and measure 39-31-35. Turns out, my body did a natural response to the homeopath capsules and topical lotion and started producing its own estrogens. Blood tests for my annual physical showed my female hormone levels all in the normal range for pre-menopausal woman, even now as I just turned 66. 

Loving these physical changes, I also started a daily skincare plan for my softer skin. I also grew my hair out to my shoulders and since age 55, I color it every four weeks. Friends, neighbors, colleagues and especially immediate and extended family have watched my physical changes gradually over the years. When I present as husband, father, grandfather, I get a lot of nice compliments about my skin, “love your hair” and I easily pass for early 50s. 

I was at lunch with my 40-year-old daughter and her two sons (all blonde with blue eyes like me) and the server smiled and said what a nice family I had. My daughter laughed, smiled and told the woman, “This is my dad, these are his grandsons.” (I loved it.)

When I present as Cathy, my image is mature average women in her mid-60s. I now have skinny arms and thin legs, do my own hair in an age-appropriate style and with good daily skincare and basic make-up (liner, shadow, mascara, lipstick), I can present very well in public. Of course, I have some mid-60s facial wrinkles, little crows’ feet, but most of my skin is clear and smooth – all looks very natural. Aspiring to everyday ladies out and about is my main focus; skincare, haircare and weight managment made it all happen!

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Youth is wasted on the young (femulator)
Youth is wasted on the young (femulator)

Monday, April 22, 2024

Not a Freak

Sadly, I will not be attending Hamvention this year. My wife’s health has improved a lot, but I don’t feel comfortable leaving her alone for the six days a roundtrip to Hamvention entails. To remind me of what I will be missing, I have been reading my old Hamvention posts and after reading one from 2019, I thought it deserved repeating, so here it is.

2019 Hamvention Booth Babe

As a ham radio operator, you usually have no idea about the people you contact over the air.

For years, Bill and I were key operators in a ham radio network spanning Connecticut and we worked together to make the network function efficiently. I never met Bill in person until I ran into him at Hamvention. (Yes, we traveled over 750 miles to meet each other even though we lived about 40 miles apart.)

After that first encounter, we usually met up at Hamvention each year, until I began showing up as a woman. I was shy those first few years attending as a woman, so I did not go out of my way to find Bill. Then about 10 years ago, I saw Bill sitting in the audience of a forum I was attending and when the forum was over, I made a beeline to Bill to reintroduce myself.

Bill was surprised, but seemed OK with the revised me and said that I had to be true to myself. Since then, Bill and I usually meet up at Hamvention as if nothing changed.

At Hamvention in 2019, I was returning to our booth after making my presentation and I heard someone call out my name. I turned around to find Bill waiting in line to buy lunch from a food truck. He informed me that he retired as a state police officer (I had no idea he was a state cop) and had moved to South Carolina. And then he said he wanted to introduce me to his wife, who was also waiting in line.

It does my heart good when a friend or acquaintance wants to introduce me to their spouse. It is so meaningful to me because they have accepted me as a real person, not a freak, but a woman.

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Wearing Boston Proper

Womanless beauty pageant contestant in Guymon, Oklahoma, 1966

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Another Trump Presidency Would Be A Nightmare For Trans People

The reality unfolding in Florida today is just a microcosm of what the United States could look like if Donald Trump were to be elected president this November.

By Lil Kalish

The reality unfolding in Florida today is just a microcosm of what the United States could look like if Donald Trump were to be elected president this November, according to a nearly 1,000-page document that lays out goals and recommendations for a conservative president. The “Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise,” better known as Project 2025, draws upon many of the current state-level anti-LGBTQ+ laws and policies and expands them to the national stage by any means necessary.

Authored by former Trump officials and dozens of right-wing organizations including the Heritage Foundation, nearly every page of Project 2025 details policies that would impact LGBTQ+ people — and there’s a particular focus on transgender people. On the very first page of the manifesto, Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts laments the “corruption” of the country “under the ruling and cultural elite” whose children “suffer the toxic normalization of transgenderism with drag queens and pornography invading their school libraries.”

Many of the document’s suggestions are things that advocates say Trump could enact on his first day through a series of executive orders, like barring trans people from the military, and removing gender-affirming care and abortion from veteran health care policies. The document also calls for policies to redefine sex as “biological sex,” which not only effectively erases the legal recognition and protection of transgender people but goes against modern science.

Project 2025 also recommends rolling back Bostock v. Clayton County, the Supreme Court decision that protects LGBTQ+ people from employment discrimination; eliminating the promotion of gender-affirming care for minors nationwide; reinterpreting Title IX to permit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity; and abolishing the Department of Education and returning “control of education to the states.”

Click here to read the whole story on Huffington Post.

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Sture Lagerwall
Sture Lagerwall femulating in the 1934 Swedish film Adventures At The Hotel (Äventyr på hotell)