Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Your Suggestions 

You may have noticed that I have already implemented some of your suggestions.

>   I changed the blog's background color and fonts to improve readability.

>   I completely revised the mobile version of the blog to make it more useable.

>   I updated the "femulator archive" (formerly, "the femulated archive"). It now contains 233 images of femulators in films and television shows.

>   Your suggestions concerning topics to broach are on my to-do list and I will address them real soon now.

Thank you for all your suggestions and please keep them coming.


I was overwhelmed by your support regarding my ability to pass. Thank you sincerely. During the next few days, I will try to live up to all your kind words!

Go West, Young Lady

My 750-mile roadtrip to Hamvention begins early tomorrow morning.

I packed on Sunday and managed to get most of my female wardrobe (including six pairs of shoes) into one garment bag. A suitcase contains the overflow (my jewelry, wigs, toiletries, etc.) and a minimal male wardrobe. In addition, I have my makeup tackle box and my computer bag.

After reading all your suggestions about just bringing my iPhone in lieu of a camera and computer, I decided to bring everything since (as at least one reader suggested) I am driving myself and have room to spare.

Wish me "bon voyage!"


Swedish professional femulator Rickard Engfors modeling Panos swimwear, circa 2004.

Wearing Spiegel.


  1. Bon voyage, Stana!

    Looking forward to read all about the Hamvention experience!

  2. Have a safe trip...

    My one suggestion for your blog is to move your "Blog List" up higher on your blog.

  3. Dear Stana,

    As you asked, I wish you "Bon voyage". Have a LOVELY time.



  4. Safe and happy journey,have fun hugs,