Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Part 1 of My Hamvention Story

In the past, I have recounted my adventures en femme in sequential order, telling you what happened each day and night as it occurred. This time, I will try something different and describe vignettes in random order.IMG_0295_web

I love the outfit that I wore on Thursday: white shorts, multi-colored top, pink scarf, and white wedges (from JCPenney, DressBarn, Avon, and Payless, respectively).

One of my ham radio friends said that I looked "fetching" in that outfit. I think it suited me perfectly both in style and color and I wish I could have worn it every day of Hamvention.

I met Cyrsti for coffee on Thursday afternoon and we chatted for about an hour seated in my hotel's lobby next to the registration desk. My back was to the desk, but Cyrsti had a clearer view and according to her, "With all those legs of hers (referring to me), there was a poor guy trying to check in who couldn't seem to concentrate on staying in line."

Not So Fetching

The white wedges that I wore for two days were the most comfortable pair of women's shoes I have ever worn.

Thursday, I drove to Dayton (standard transmission) for over four hours wearing the wedges and I continued to wear them until nearly 11 PM.

Friday, I wore them all day while I was at Hamvention and during most of that time, I was on my feet. I changed to my black high heel platform pumps when I changed outfits for the Friday night banquet.

They were pain-free during all the time they were on my feet, but mid-Friday afternoon, there was a problem. The ankle strap on the right wedge stretched out to the point that the shoe kept slipping off my foot as I walked.

Although I was not in pain, walking became awkward as I clenched my toes trying to keep the wedge from slipping off. I inserted some tissue paper under the ball of my foot to push my foot backwards and make the stretched strap more effective. It helped a little, but is not the final solution.

I have shoe pads for the ball of the foot that I can insert in the wedge that should be better than the tissues or maybe I can figure out another way to solve the problem.




Femulator crossplaying as Cinderella.




Wearing Brahmin (bag).


  1. You are a slave to fashion! This is why I wear comfortable nun shoes. And as a result I have "honorary lesbian" status with some of my friends. ;)

    Looking forward to the rest!

    1. The wedges were very very comfortable until they broke!!!

  2. Sounds like you had an admirer who did not think your legs were too long. I hope you felt suitably flattered

  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one who has trouble with shoes, for the most part I stick to flats and sandals. Glad to hear you met with Cyrsti,I'm going to Dayton in July and will meet her finally myself.