Friday, May 31, 2013

Mid-Femme Mode

2013-05-31 Beth mentioned to me how she goes out to places like Starbucks or JCPenney in "mid-femme mode" presenting not fully woman, but with feminine clothes, purse, etc., and has no problem.

I love going out full femme, but it is a lot of work and I have often considered going out in mid-femme mode when I don't have enough prep time. For example, instead of spending an hour applying makeup, maybe just put on some mascara and lipstick, then grab my purse and see how it goes.

I am the most feminine boy I know, so my speech and mannerisms are in the right ballpark. If I wore a bra and heels with one of my androgynous boy outfits, I might be able to pull it off.

Mid-femme mode would be pushing the envelope in a different direction and would be an interesting experiment in femulation.

What’s your mid-femme mode?




Actress Candy Darling (1944-1974).






Wearing Spiegel.


  1. Stana for me its to dress down and to wear much less make up and more casual clothing such as t shirt, jeans and ballerinas. I find this allows you to blend in much better on weekends when a dress and heels are a bit out of place. If I do wear heels they tend to be very casual kind and not black patent 3" stilettos!

  2. Many times I have gone to various Starbucks and Penny's and DressBarn and Lane Bryant and others in a more mid-femme mode too. I wear a bra and panties and some women's jeans or slacks and either a female top or a male top and hose along with women's boots or low heeled shoes on many days when I travel. I wear a limited amount of make up every day - moisturizer, a bit of color foundation, a cover powder, clear mascara, & clear lip gloss. I do have some trouble when speaking as my normal voice is low. When I do go into the stores I am sure that many may question but as long as I feel OK and present myself in a confident manner I feel good about it and myself. I am reasonably sure that you could present in the same manner and we would all love to read about it. Thanks for you and your blog. Lisa

  3. Hi Stana, my most dramatic mid feminine mode was two weekends ago when I went to a "makeover" party with just my face- sans any makeup, jeans, top and flats (and feminine sunglasses) and essentially left in a mid femme mode too. I wanted instruction on how to use the minimum makeup for the max effect.

    You are a natural and will work your way into the mid femme mode with no problems!

    Good question!


  4. AnonymousMay 31, 2013

    What’s your mid-femme mode? Mine is mostly women's jeans, women's tops, black or brown mascara, light shade of lipstick, pink trimmed sport shoes. Have two pierces in each ear, wear mostly small stud jeweled earrings even in drab. I carry a purse always. I haven't got the voice down pat yet or the feminine 'walk', but trying when I remember to stand up straight and push the 'girls' out front.


  5. My mode is mid-femme. I've never gone full-femme - I just don't think I could pull it off anywhere except at home. So when I do go out in mid-femme mode, its usually panties, bra, and hosiery under women's jeans or khakis, a blouse, and a low heel.

  6. Skinny jeans and fitted tee-shirts. Everything else matters little so long as they're feminine.

  7. I'm pretty much all or nothing, although I have quite a wardrobe of women's clothes in men's styles, and I always underdress (up to a lightly padded bra if my top will permit).