Thursday, May 23, 2013

Joining a club that would have me as a member

Part 3  of My Hamvention Story

In the past, I have recounted my adventures en femme in sequential order, telling you what happened each day and night as it occurred. This time, I will try something different and describe a variety of vignettes in random order.


There is a international ham radio organization that is intended for hams who have been licensed for 25 years or more. Since I have been licensed for over 43 years, I definitely meet the qualifications for membership and stopped by their booth to consider joining.

Two fellows attended to me and tried to convince me to join. After extolling all the virtues of joining, one fellow added that the club even has a sub-group for its female members.

After that remark, how could I not join.

My Readers at Hamvention

A surprising number of you who are hams and attended Hamvention, stopped by my booth to say hello. You know who you are and I thank you for making the effort.

Another reader e-mailed me that she attended Hamvention on Friday, but she could not find me and suggested that I should have mentioned which booth I staffed.

For reasons I won't go into, I do not mention the exact booth number here. However, as a hint, I have posted photos of me working the booth with my group's banner in the background. Read the banner and you will know which group I represent and the Hamvention program will tell you where my group's booth is located.

I never made it to the Friday night party that one reader invited me to attend. It began at 10 PM and by that time, I was well done and needed to go horizontal. (A lot of good that did me --- I only got about four hours' sleep.) Next day, I ran into the reader who invited me and her wife who is also a ham and explained why I was a no-show; they were very understanding.

One reader gets a special mention for an effort above and beyond the call of duty.

Midday Friday, I was exiting a forum and returning to my booth, when I heard someone call out my name.

I turned around and found the gent who was calling me. Turns out he is a long-time reader of Femulate, who came to the Hamvention just to meet me. He was not a ham and had no interest in Hamvention, yet he paid for parking ($5 to $10 depending on where he parked) and admission ($25) with no guarantee that he would find me among the 25,000 pocket protector wearers in attendance. Wow - what a fan!

For that effort, I was happy to chat with him (or her because she is one of us) as long as she wanted. She seemed genuinely happy to meet and chat with me; I just hope I met all her expectations and did not disappoint.




Actors Leslie Hensen and Albert Burdon femulating in the 1933 film It's a Boy!



The Cut

Wearing Zuhair Murad.


  1. Stana,

    Let me comment on this post and segue into your post of a few weeks back asking for ideas.

    You note in passing that "a surprising number of you(us) are hams...".

    I have also noted that there seem to be a large number of us who are interested in trains, real current trains, historic trains and even model trains. I also seem to note that there are a good number of us who are 'car' people. While I am a bit of a computer Luddite it seems like many of us are quite facile with modern technology. Likewise we do hear about those of us who golf wondering about doing it in a skirt and hitting from the red tees.

    I am wondering if at some point you can cook up a post or even a poll to try to ferret out information about general non-gender related activities or passions that interest your readers.

    I am curious as to what other activities would be of interest to those of us who femulate. I am also interested in hearing about how we femulators find ways to intergrate our non-gender related activities with our femulating. Your attendence at Hamvention is one great example. A femulator with a train or car or golf passion may have had occasion to blend their passion with their femulating.

    Just an idle thought.


    1. Hi Pat. I know a boatload of trans hams. In fact, two hams I knew for years as hams, showed up en femme at my support group (to my surprise). I also know a bunch of trans train fans. Two of my oldest trans friends work on the railroad all the live long day. And FWIW, I am a long-time member of the New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association (as a kid, I lived on the wrong side of the New Haven Railroad's tracks).

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