Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Enhancing Your Figure Inexpensively

This guest post comes from a long-time femulator and Femulate reader, Patio.

dritz-adhesive-silicone-cups If you are a femulator, you probably would like to present the appearance of breasts. You will find that Amoena breast forms are wonderful, but expensive, although you can find them on ebay at reasonable prices, along with Amoena bras with pockets for the forms.

I started out as many of  my femulating friends do, with breast forms that were, shall we say, too ample. With time I used more appropriate forms.

I have also used adhesive breast  forms and found that the adhesive comes in many different strength: too weak, just right, or too strong. Recently, however, I was visiting a Jo-Ann fabric and craft store and in the aisle where they sell shoulder pads and other dress making needs, I found Dritz Adhesive Silicone Cups.  I bought some in A-cup size and found that for me, on a smoothly shaved chest, the adhesive was perfect. They stayed on all day and peeled off without pain.

Jo-Ann often has sales at 40% off, so a pair cost me $16. These adhesive breast forms do have a limited number of applications, but I have used mine 30 times and they are still holding strong (so after 30 uses, it only cost me $0.50 per use). They also come in cup sizes B, C and D.

During a recent sale, I decided to try some C cup size.. The inside bowl of the adhesive form looked too large for my “nearly AA” natural breasts, but I started at one edge and rolled them into place squeezing out the air and they pulled my breasts into a perfect size for me.

I thought maybe that there was a gap between the form and my flesh, but when I peeled them off, they were adhering all the way across. The larger cup sizes are larger in area, though not much greater in thickness. For my 40-inch bra band size, the C cup proved to be a fine size.

I use adhesive forms with a bra most of the time, although sometimes I just wear them under an elastic camisole,and other times just let them stick on their own. So far I have had no failures.

If you femulators would like to try an adhesive breast form on a budget, check Jo-Ann’s for their sales and try out  the feel of attached breast forms.




Actor Nolan Gould femulating on television’s Modern Family, 2012.






Wearing Worthington.


  1. Thanks for the Jo-Ann's tip, Stana! I have breast forms now but they are expensive! I'll have to look into your tip.

  2. As important as a feminine bust line, actually even more important IMHO, are feminine hips and butt. The average GG female has a hip measurement that is 2 1/2 to 3 inches bigger than her bust measurement, but very few TG girls come anywhere close to equaling this important aspect of feminine appearance. Without female hips, our clothes don't fit correctly, and we get read for having 'boy hips.' Whenever I am unsure whether some woman I see is TG, I look at her hips.

  3. Classic curves sells an excellent but somewhat expensive hip/butt enhancer. For a less expensive option, buy 3 inch thick foam squares, of appropriate dimensions, and CAREFULLY shape with an electric carving knife, and disposable box cutters. Getting both sides even can be a challenge, because while they are the same shape shape, it is a confusing mirror image left to right. There is a video(s) on youtube that demonstrate the basics of how to measure. Once you have a good shape to your pads, put them in a panty girdle or under a couple pair of control top hose. As for the stick on breast enhancers, if you find they do project enough, you cloud stack them,they will likely feel unnaturally firm, but the effect should be good. --Karen Keith

  4. I finally tried the D-cup Dritz adhesive breast forms and on my band size 40 chest they were perfect! They give me A cup or nearly A breasts which I can wear everyday. The large area of the forms perfectly forms around my breasts.