Thursday, May 9, 2013

Your Turn

2013-05-09_clothes-make-the-man Any suggestions?

I like writing this blog and I assume people like reading it with over 7 million hamburgers sold.

Can I do better?

Is there anything I can do here that would increase the value of reading this blog for you?

I am always open to your suggestions, so please leave comments below or, if you prefer, e-mail me by clicking on the "send me e-mail" link below my mug shot (above right).

I look forward to reading and implementing your suggestions, so have at it!

flickr Update

Good news: the Femulate flickr account is fixed again! I hope the fix sticks.



Actors Allan Zinyk and Peter Jorgenson femulating on the Canadian stage in Leading Ladies, 2008.




Wearing Dsquared2 (cardigan), Splendid (blouse) and Robert Rodriguez (skirt).


  1. Hi Stana, may be this can be a topic worthy of discussion: after many years of comfortably being transgender in Toronto (where I live), I finally experienced a nasty run-in where someone wanted to publicly humiliate me by publicly "outing" me in a sarcastic and rude manner. Do you have such experiences? How do/would you deal with that?


  2. i love thees femulate style's essspecially the frist caption the older vintage trannsgenered girl]s clothing for boy's males who really want and wish to just dress feminine at long last and to finally be girly!

  3. Hi Stana,

    I love your content, and the way you approach some of the thornier issues of gender identity.

    Just a couple of suggestions on the site itself:

    - I don't like the grey background. it makes the header image look funny, is less flattering for your wonderful images, and generally is less readable. The new font is not so great either. Just my opinion.

    - I don't like the mobile version. I almost always click "view web version" when on my iPhone. Having to click into each individual article adds lots of loading time. I just want to scroll through the content in one long line.

    Don't get me wrong. It's still a beautiful experience reading your blog everyday!


  4. I may need help placing what I seem to recall from a movie quote or name "I love're change".
    I try to go to your blog first every day. I do not have any suggested changes but I do note that you are always tinkering with your content and format so I would simply say 'keep up the good work'.


  5. Speaking for myself stana I would say to reveal a little more of your inner self and the struggles you have overcome as an accepting transgender. We all need inspiration and you have a captive audience that goes to your blog daily. Other than that your blog cannot be improved on anymore and I'm hooked!


  6. Love the theme updates! Hope I'm not the only one :)