Monday, May 13, 2013

Male Pageant Queens and Princesses

A few readers alerted me to a collection of womanless beauty pageant photos on flickr that gets bigger and better every time I see it.

I have seen some of the images elsewhere in the past and some of the images have appeared in Femulate, but a lot of the images are new to me and definitely worth checking out if you appreciate that sort of thing (and if you are reading this, I imagine that you do appreciate that sort of thing).

So visit John Jay Smith's flickr site and see over four thousand images!

Femulating Jhoana Reis, Miss Gay Texas, circa 1969.


Wearing Helmut Lang (vest), Equipment (blouse) and Clover Canyon (skirt).


  1. They never had anything like this when I was in school. ~~~sigh~~~

  2. AnonymousMay 14, 2013

    Dood must not have liked the attention ? The flickr account was gone before the end of the day ?

  3. Tried to veiw the flicker site says member is no longer there bummer.
    For someone who is so critical of your page and you Lumpy sure hangs out here a lot.Maybe we should send him a dress.

  4. Too bad, he seems to have vanished from flickr without cause... Any chance to see his thousand wonderful images somewhere again ?

  5. Oh my word! Had we had such when I was in school, I would have insisted that I live as a girl full time for at least six months prior to each and every pageant to ensure that my presentation would be as genuine and authentic as possible! I would have studied ballet from age four so as to always have that as a fallback for any talent portions where applicable. Then I would have gotten my ballet teacher to get me excused permanently from Physical Education under the need to minimize my risk of injury lest it ruin my potential ballet career. Then, since I would not have to take PE I would have filled that curricular time slot with a sewing class and insisted to the sewing teacher that it would not be fair to the other [all female] students for me to be allowed to do different assignments [such as boy clothes] than they and hence she should require that I too must sew a pair of panties, a bra, a slip and a prom dress for myself, to fit myself and that I also be required to model my prom dress in the end of year fashion show (also at least six months prior to which I shall live as a girl full time so as to ensure that my presentation not appear as an insulting mockery to and of the female sector of the student body). Then I'd get on the yearbook staff so I could ensure that many pictures of me looking and being exceedingly girlish get strategically placed in the yearbook next to photos of jocks doing masculine stuff, such as a photo of me in sewing class fixing my lipstick while trying the fit of my prom dress next to a photo of the football jocks pummelling each other silly over some stupidly shaped oblong ball! YES! That is what I would have done!