Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Words of Wednesday

flickr… Argh!

My flickr account is messed up again. It was reset to free status and 200 images maximum a few days ago. I have a new complaint into flickr and hope the problem will get fixed once and for all or I will take my business elsewhere.

Off Broadway

Aunty Marlena alerted me to a new off-Broadway dance, Summer's Different, about a married with children transwoman. Here is the New York Times review of the dance.

My Dance Card is Filling Up

Yesterday afternoon, I was invited to a party after my ham radio group's banquet next Friday at Hamvention. The party is at a hotel 7 miles from the banquet hall, so I am definitely stopping by.

Google Hitchcock

If you are a fan of Alfred Hitchcock films like I am, visit Google today and view their video honoring Saul Bass, Hitchcock's master of film titles. It is very cool!




Advertisement for comedian Tim McNiven’s UK stand-up show Emasculated, 2012.






Wearing Alice + Olivia (top), Love Letter (skirt), and Marc by Marc Jacobs (bag).

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  1. I use Google's free Picasa Web Albums which has 5G of space.