Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Something Different Again

2012-booth-babe Yesterday, I wrote about my plans attending the Hamvention in Dayton, Ohio, next week and how I was doing something different on Saturday evening, that is, attending a banquet I never attended before.

As I wrote yesterday, "Perusing the guest list posted on the Internet, I know only one of the attendees, an officer of the host group, who I have exchanged e-mails with in the past. (Maybe I will drop him a note to let him know I am coming.)"

I did e-mail him yesterday morning to let him know I was attending the banquet, that I am trans, and that I planned to attend en femme.

I waited anxiously all day for a reply and as time passed with no reply, I began thinking the worst.

At about 8 PM, I finally received a reply. The replay started with "Hi Stana." He had always addressed me by my male name in the past, so I thought that was a good sign and it was. He was very gracious, looked forward to seeing me and invited me to sit at his table.

And so it goes.

By the way, that’s me in the photo above at my group’s booth before the start of Hamvention last year. And just so there is no confusion, I wanted to make it clear that I am not the blond wearing the black low-cut dress in the photo accompanying yesterday's post. LOL!



The femulating cast of another local production of Pageant, The Musical.




Wearing Alice & Olivia.


  1. 'I am not the blond wearing the black low-cut dress in the photo accompanying yesterday's post.'

    and there was I thinking it was your chest the guy on the right was admiring! you wish!

  2. AnonymousMay 07, 2013

    Would be great to attend Hamvention. But not in this life unless I win Power Ball or Mega millions lottery ;) My vehicle is in sad repair and unable to upgrade to a better vehicle. Taking a flight is out of the question. So will attend the local hamfest in a few weeks. Not a very large hamfest. Might see some old hams I have been in St Paul Radio Club with there. I don't go to SPRC meetings any more.

  3. So Stana, how did this guy take to you at his table in feminine dress? I can' wait to hear.

  4. Stana, that is fabulous! I'm very happy for your soon-to-be-next breakthrough. Your boosters out here will anxiously sit by the blog screen next week for your update after Sunday's dinner. Imagine, sight unseen acceptance. WOW!

    Best regards,

  5. To Rhonda Darling,

    I've seen you post before here on lovely Stana's blog. I believe I met you last November at a wonderful house party soiree in McLean, Virginia at the home of T-Girl Christine and her GG partner Pamela. If so, I remember you were with a very supportive GG woman. Christine and Pamela's soirees for T-Girls and friends are WONDERFUL. As you can see by my profile name, I live in Tampa, FL ... but I spend about 8 weeks total in Arlington, VA each year.

    If you are the "Rhonda" I met, I just wanted to say "Hi", and I'm glad you love Stana's blog as I do.



    1. Sheila from Tampa (and sometimes Arlington):

      First, thank you Stana for allowing this brief crosstalk/chatter (though some might call it static).

      Sheila, it is indeed I, and I do remember meeting you. Thanks for seizing the opportunity to reconnect. Yes, Christine's and Pamela's soiree's are great. Those events pulled me out of my shell and got me out and gave me the opportunity to finally meet girls like me in person. So much so that Sharon and I went to this year's Keystone conference in Harrisonburg, PA, and we had a blast.

      Stana, if you are ever going to find your way to the Northern VA or DC area, give a heads up. There are some really great girls here to meet and socialize with, including Meg, JoAnne Dallas, Christine &Pamela, Cindy Tease, and many many more.

      Kind regards to all.


    2. Dear Stana,

      I also Thank You for posting my message to Rhonda. As she replied, we did indeed meet in Virginia last November. She and her lady friend Sharon each looked lovely and were very nice and interesting. In fact, my profile photo was taken at the soiree that evening in Christine and Pamela's lovely home.