Friday, January 6, 2012

Trisha van Cleef: A Heroine of Femulation

2012-1-6_trisha_van_cleef Paul Whitehead is a painter and graphic artist known for his surrealistic album covers for artists on the Charisma Records label in the 1970s, such as Genesis and Van der Graaf Generator. (source: Wikipedia)

His alter ego is Trisha van Cleef, who is also a painter with a few CD covers in her portfolio.

Paul is very public about Trisha and as such, is one of my heroes/heroines.

Trisha has a webpage on Paul’s website and Zagria wrote her up on her A Gender Variance Who’s Who website. Read all about her; she is very interesting.


  1. Thank you!As usual you hit me with much to think about. Positively!
    Love and Blessings

  2. Not very up-to-speed on Paul Whitehead or his alter-ego Trisha van Cleef but love the connection!

    Actually I love reading what you post, because I always get some special insight or other ideal. Thanks!

    The femulators you post also cause me to wonder about them. How did they do it, I usually daydream and wonder. They're all very sexy and nice to look at.

    Phillipe Blond is one such example of sexy, I absolutely love his look!