Monday, January 9, 2012

He's Everywhere! He's Everywhere!


"He" being femulators. "Everywhere" being back-to-back television shows on Showtime.

I was away from the computer most of the weekend and was trying to catch up with my e-mails last night with the laptop in my lap sitting in front of the telly with the channel selector stuck on Showtime.

Shameless came on at 9. I had never seen the program before, but I like the star of the show, Bill Macy, so I left it on.

A sub-plot involves one of Macy's sons who works in a convenience store owned by a couple from the Middle East. The husband is gay and sneaks his lovers out of the store disguised as Middle Eastern women in long black dresses and head scarves.

Near the end of the episode, the husband disguises himself in the same manner to runaway from his wife and I assume, to live with his gay lover.

House of Lies came on at 10. It is a new show starring Don Cheadle, who I always enjoy watching, so I left it on even though it was past my bedtime.

A sub-plot of the show involves Cheadle's school-aged son who wants to try out for his school's production of Grease.

The big deal is that he wants to try out for the role of Sandy, the role Olivia Newton-John made famous in the film version of the musical. He succeeds in getting the role.

When the school suggests that his son step down and let a female handle the role,  Cheadle defends his son's gender choice. Cheadle also agrees to his son's desire to go shoe shopping over the weekend.

I lasted about 20 minutes into the show and went to bed, so I don't know if anything else transpired trans-wise. I will try to watch the rest of the show when it is replayed later this week.

Happy Monday to you all!


  1. Dear Stana,

    I, too, am a fan of both Don Cheadle and Bill Macy. They are both superb, interesting actors. I loved the chemistry between Don Cheadle and Brendon Gleason in the excellent 2011 Irish film, THE GUARD.

    I think the handling of the transgender topic in HOUSE OF LIES was very well done and sensitive to the issues. Don's character's love and acceptance of his cross-dressing son was well portrayed.



  2. What you post makes me want to get Showtime. Apparently being Trans is finally being accepted .. at least by Showtime! I desperately want to sneak my peek into that.

  3. Billie --- Both episodes can now be viewed online for free at

    I imagine this freebie will expire as new episodes are aired.

  4. I watched it online. I thought it was well done. but the TG sub-plot was very secondary. His son only got to play the understudy to Sandy in the end.

  5. We brought our own TVs.... and we insist you watch it with us (or is it watch us with you??!