Sunday, January 15, 2012

Brian Dresses for Work

Poking around the Internet, I discovered a large collection of photos on flickr belonging to a male-to-female crossdresser named Brian McCloskey. I was very impressed with Brian's huge female wardrobe and fashion sense, but my curiosity piqued when I noticed that there were many photos showing Brian in what looked like a work environment (a library was my guess) with what looked like a variety of co-workers.

Was Brian going to work en femme?

I had to know, so I e-mailed Brian and asked. A few hours later, Brian wrote back and confirmed that he did indeed dress en femme at work:

I *do* dress to work.  It was something I always wanted to do - and my coworkers always encouraged me - but I didn't have the nerve until quite recently.  In September of last year I took part in a Living Library event at the library where I worked - I was a "book" that people could "check out" for a short conversation about being a transvestite - and that gave me the courage to dress on a more regular basis.  I had thought I might mix it up between boy and girl modes, but....after a couple of weeks I moved all my shirts and ties to the back of the closet and it's been frocks only since then!

Brian has a supportive fiancee and circle of friends who don't care how he dresses.

I very much care how Brian dresses and applaud him for doing so.

Brian can be found online on flickr, Facebook, and Blogger (Brian's current blog and Brian's old blog).


  1. Well....Jeez....if I had known you were going to quote me, I would have tried to me a lot more witty and entertaining in my email :)

  2. Just another example of how much of a better world the younger generations are shaping!
    Love it!
    Great find Stana

  3. Great story about Brian. I love that he has supportive friends and is able to dress the way he wants to.

    I also had a chance to look at his blog. Lots of fun links.

  4. Hooray for Brian and you for doing so much for the rest of us

  5. As a librarian myself, I am so encouraged by his role model... now: would *I* ever dress at work??! Let us hope that the world "will come to this"...

  6. I just had to say, that is awesome! I wish I had the support and the bravery to do something like that.
    Kudos to Brian, and his fiancee, friends and coworkers!

  7. Fabulous, fantastic and very cute looks! Hurrah Brian, he is great!

  8. I'd be willing to bet his co-workers look at him as a freak show.

  9. Perhaps some see him as a 'freak show' but I'd bet by no means all of them. Librarians are some of the most enlightened and enlightening people around. I know because I'm married to one, my daughter is one, and my daughter-in-law is another.

    Jim d

  10. Nothing wrong with being a "freak show"! :-) No harm, no foul. Why anyone prides him/herself on blending in and being 'normal' is beyond me. What a dull world it would be if we were all alike & afraid to be unlike the prescribed cookie cutter lives all around us! I'd rather my kids be exposed to the BRAVERY it takes to be oneself -- *that* is a role model worth having and a life lesson worth learning.

  11. I would agree with Jim D, not ALL of Brian's co-workers see him as silly but I have serious reservations Brian gets many invites to parties.