Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Both Sides Now

2012-01-11_crocker People can't understand that someone can have both sides of themselves and switch back and forth. And a lot of transsexual people have gotten really mad at me and said, "You're really misrepresenting us as a community because you're not sticking with the 'girl look.'" I'm representing myself. I never claimed to be the spokesperson for anything other than myself. I just so happen to be gay or trans or gay and trans or whatever. I don't know. I'm just content with myself and I think that makes people discontented.

I thought the whole point of being transgender was being what you feel on the inside. For me, I wonder why do you have to just feel like a woman trapped in a man's body? Or vice versa? Why can't you identify with both genders and tap into those without being accused of dressing up as a girl for attention? I'm fulfilling whatever vibe I want to go with at that time. I try to block out people's voices in my head and just go with how I feel.

---from the Chris Crocker interview on The Huffington Post, which in my humble opinion, is must reading. Here is the link.


  1. Trans gender, to cross gender lines. Doesn't say any where that we have to choose one over the other.

    I'm quite fine with my both genders, they are me and I am them to choose one or the other would be to deny my totality.

    Personal expression on my day of choosing is my personal choice! (aren't we all supposed to be about personal choice?) This particular topic drives me crazy. I don't mind good advice, but when people tell me what I have to be..?

  2. Yes. Live and let live. I believe that as long as your the best you can be, then be who you are.

  3. We are all many things and we wear many hats...often at the same time but sometimes in series.

    One can be a parent, child, sibling, employer, employee, professional, laborer, gardener, painter, carpenter, bowler, skier, golfer, shopper, driver, friend, adversary, supporter, actor, activist, observer, student, teacher, talker, listener...etc.

    I, for one, have been all of the above at one point or another yet none of the roles, or many others, fully define who I am at all times and in all circumstances.
    I like to think that the same is true of others and that each of us has multiple facets to who we are and that from time to time, sometimes of our choosing and sometimes not, different facets of who we are get exposed to others.

    What part of who we are is on display at any one time depends on lots of conditions and circumstances.

    Don't put me in a box or make me wear only one hat...or for that matter only one dress.


  4. My new Mistress does not approve of me crossdressing, so thats that.

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