Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In Bed En Femme

2012-01-17_asleep-1 No, I did not wear my baby doll nightgown to bed last night. But maybe I should have because it was one of those rare nights when I remembered my dreams and in one dream after another, I was a woman.

Crossdressing was not a component of any dream last night. Instead, I was a woman from the beginning to end of each dream. This is in contrast to dreams of old, where getting dressed or trying to get dressed en femme was a component, if not the primary plot of the dream.

In the last dream of last night's set, I was dressed for work. The outfit was similar to one I own, but the hairdo was something completely different for me: very loose, medium brown spiral curls that flowed to the shoulder.

I had been thinking about getting a new hairdo that was shoulder-length or longer, but I was not considering loose spiral curls. Maybe my dream was trying to tell me something.

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  1. Wow, being a woman is really something! IMHO, dreams are manifestations of our inner feelings and thoughts, and how they manifest is how strong we feel. We dream the way we wish ourselves to be. I've had some pretty bizarre dreams myself.