Thursday, January 12, 2012

One Liners (More or Less)

2012-01-12_cookies Remember that 75% off dress sale that Spiegel had one day last month; the sale in which I bought this $159 dress for $39?

The dress arrived, but it is too small or my bust is too big (or actually both).

I returned it for a refund (and not an exchange because I had ordered the largest size available.)

Although it won't help much fitting into that dress, I urge you to buy mass quantities of Girl Scout cookies because of this.

Olympic track and field star Bruce Jenner has been outed as a crossdresser.

I received an e-mail inviting me to a reunion of my law school graduating class in June and I plan to attend en femme (like her).

And so it goes.


  1. And so you should go!

  2. I knew Bruce Jenner was trans the first moment I saw those thin eyebrows on his taut face on a Kardashian show so many years ago.

    We may think we are well hidden, but trans is always about expressing some truth, and truth doesn't hide for our ease.

    We just choose not to see it.

  3. I clicked on this link and every article I saw was nasty and snide. People are damn mean. I don't think we've come very far.

  4. The Girl Scout thing more than annoys me. It gets me down to the soul. She is the product of bigoted and most likely religious right parents.

    I was one of those "transgender" teens...beaten up and tormented in those years because of what I was and am. My current blog post speaks of similar issues involving participation in high school sports in California.

    I do buy Girl Scout cookies every year and certainly will again this year.


  5. The trans-gendered girl's exclusion is all the more reason for me to buy GS cookies this year. I'll buy to be sure.

    As for Bruce J and his CDing, you're one lucky girl, Stana! Just go as yourself. I can't wait to read about it!