Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Transgender Business Woman Runs for Office

2012-01-11_duncan Gina Duncan is running for commissioner in District 5 in Orange County, Florida. If Duncan won she would be the first transgender commissioner in Orange County history.

You can read about here – the comments following the article are disheartening (so far).


  1. Very good that you posted this link, the comments upon the article are extremely offensive what shows that the majority of people in the US does not consider that out coming as a transgender is acceptable! Very narrow-minded, I am schocked!

  2. Ms Duncan seems like a wonderful person and I wish her success. She has obviously had success at other ventures in her life.

    I agree that some comments were boneheaded but there were some that showed intelligence and tolerance.
    Keep the faith, Stana.

  3. Dear Stana,

    Some of my sisters in my Orlando social and support group are friends with Gina. She has attended one or two of our monthly Girls Night Out dinners. My dear friend and our group's newsletter editor, Desiree, is a good friend of Gina's.

    is my group's website.