Friday, January 27, 2012

Tea for T


After my shopping spree on Wednesday, I met the girls (Angela, Diana, Maryann, and Robin) for afternoon tea at a Tea Roses Tea Room in downtown Cromwell.

I have never been in a tea room in my life and I am not much of a tea drinker, but I looked forward to the experience.

It was a very feminine adventure. All of the customers and all of the staff were female and the room was beautifully appointed in a most feminine manner. You can get a glimpse of the room in the accompanying photo as well as in the photos on the tea room's website.

It was also very relaxing; we spent two hours doing our afternoon tea. Each of us had an individual large pot of tea (I had "Cheeky Peach"), and we had munchies to eat including delicious scones, delicate tea sandwiches, and yummy mini-desserts.

I arrived on an empty stomach and when I looked at the spread of food, I had my doubts that my appetite would be sated, but it was.

I had a very enjoyable time and I would love to do it again.


Wednesday was another day of affirmation of my womanhood.

When I parked my car at the mall at the start of the day, I had that usual moment of hesitation. But after a minute or two, I gathered myself emotionally, swung open the car door, exited the car, and walked to the mall entrance. Listening to my high heels clicking on the pavement affirmed what I was doing and there was no stopping me.

Everyone treated me respectfully. I'll never know if they read me or not, but no one indicated that they did and no one disrespected me.

I smiled at other women passing by in the mall and always returned the smile and sometimes they initiated the exchange of smiles.

I noticed one woman checking out my bootines and another spent an inordinate amount of time checking me out while she browsed the racks near me at Macy's. When I caught her eye, I smiled and that seemed to disarm her --- she smiled back and stopped checking me out.

It was wonderful and I am already planning my next time out en femme.


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  2. To begin, Anonymous can email me with her reply if she likes;

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    January 28, 2012 6:09 AM

    That said, I can identify with the Tea Room experience. We have a few Tea Rooms here in Cincinnati and it is a pure delight to visit them. The conversation alone is worth it! Many cross dressers and trans-persons go there to just sit and talk, it's fabulous! BTW, we may not talk about it but we DO "check out" what each other is wearing!

    As for your experience at Macy's ... what can I say? I've been "checked out" by more than my fair share of GGs while doing exactly as you, shopping for clothes on a rack. They almost always stop doing that as soon as I acknowledge them with a simple smile and some eye contact, or a spoken "hello", and yes, I do NOT have a very feminine voice.

    Some men have also "checked me out" but I presume they were seeking a very different thing!

    Happy days are here for you and I hope you have many more!

  3. While Christmas shopping at Ross this year I noticed some nice dresses on the clearance rack. I was endrab but looked around who was in the store and who was the girl at the fitting room. Deep breath picked up 3 dresses and walked up to the girl like it is a normal everyday thing she counted them , gave me a smile and i went in and tried them on. When I got out I told her I would take two of them, by then there was another lady sitting and waiting for someone tying something on. She overheard and upon eye contact she smiled and nodded. Now I have two nice new pieces to my wardrobe.
    But the point is even in drab, a smile and a attitude of classy sisterhood 90+% of other ladies are OK with us.
    Best wishes

  4. Glad you had a lovely time. Tea out seems to be an English thing and when Americans try it they usually love it. On a trip to the US a couple of years ago we stumbled on an 'English Tearoom' (run by a Brit lady with an American husband) and she told us that ladies would travel a long way to partake.
    As for being read - who can tell what people really think... And if they are nice to you who cares anyway!
    All the best,

  5. I think that T-girls get checked out more especially if we're over 5-7 tall. It is more of a size/height issue rather than "clocking" per se.