Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Girl's Day Out

This girl goes out on Wednesday.

The weather girl promises that it will be a sunny day with temperatures in the low 40s --- that's pretty, pretty good for late January in this part of the world, so it should be a nice day out.

My plans for the day include meeting the girls at a local tea room mid-afternoon for tea and more. I am not big on tea, but I've never visited a tea room before, so I am looking forward to a new experience.

Also, I want to visit the mall because I saw a dress on the JCPenney website that will be perfect for my law school reunion. I want to try it on and purchase it if it meets my expectations.

On Monday, I did buy a new dress (see photo) online at Ideeli that is more suitable for the office than the reunion. It is so retro (just like me), but it does not ship until mid-February, so I won't know if it fits until then.


  1. Tea sounds delightful! Let us know how it was! It the dress posted on the blog the JC Penny Dress? It's very pretty.

    My girl day was yesterday, and unfortunately I got into a fender bender in the JC Penny parking lot. He hit me, He said I'll pay for the damages. I was a very calm cool confidently collect woman, I think he and his daughter bought it. Now I have to go to an Auto body shop were he knows the guy to get an estimate. I just need to know what to wear to an estimate.

  2. You'll look cute and absolutely love the Tea Room! It is soooo relaxing there! I hope the dress fits you when it arrives.