Thursday, January 5, 2012

Like it’s 1968


If you have been following along here for awhile, you know that I express myself with graphics as well as with words.

I can create a cartoon or fumetti relatively quickly once I come up with the words or punch-line for a joke. On the other hand, Photoshopped artwork can take hours, but I enjoy doing it, so the time flies by when I do it.

With that introduction, I present a new piece of Photoshop artwork. Titled Stanley Getting Dressed, Circa 1968, it represents the undergarments I was femulating with back in the late 1960s. (The image started out as a vintage bra and/or girdle advertisement that I found on the Internet.)

I hope you like it!


  1. As a young sissy, I remember my mother wearing such undergarments. She was quite voluptuous! She needed support on top, for sure. But I wanted to be like her and have breasts like hers and wear things she was wearing!

  2. I too like doing these photo shop images of myself sometimes, it's fun and allows us to dream

  3. dianegirl44January 05, 2012

    I too was to was femulating with those undies in my youth!
    Is todays picture of a 1968 femulator, Randi Taylor, I was a big fan of hers. Do you have an info on her?

  4. Dear Stana,

    All the photos and artwork you display on your blog are wonderful. Thank You.

    Being a girl-boy born in 1944, I still prefer the intimate apparel styles of the 1950's and 1960's. I consider this the pre-pantyhose era. To this day, I wear nylon stockings attached to garter or girdle straps. I love the ultra-feminine satiny nylon tricot full brief panties (in pink, pale yellow, black, or white) with lace trim and pretty appliques. And, I usually wear a beautiful lace-trimmed nylon tricot full slip under dresses and skirt outfits. So, over the lovely under-ensemble with today's post, I would wear a lovely full slip. Then, it's time for a lovely, girly dress, business suit, or skirt and top.

    Isn't it just so lovely and emotionally satisfying to be a girl!



  5. Stana,

    You look FABULOUS!

  6. As another CD from that 'age group' I recall the wonders of the girdle with stocking tabs. For a while I would wear one when I was out of town on a business trip. I wrote about the last time I recall wearing this type of girdle with the tabs and hose in a comment I made yesterday on "Call Me Meg" after her blog post "Stuff Happens". After that incident my underdressing has favored pantyhose.

  7. I love Photoshop! and the creative license it gives. This rendition of you, is so emotionally on! I actually remember 1968 and were my head was at. Not to far from yours and a few years earlier in my mothers bottom draw!

  8. dianegirl44 --- Sorry, but I don't know the name of the girl in today's The Femulated slot.

  9. diane loringJanuary 05, 2012

    Oh, memories. Nothing like an obgirdle with real nylons to make on feel so feminine. Rolling up the nylosn and then hooking them to the garter tabs, then bra and slip. Totally femulated, nothing male about it. About 11or maybe 12 years old had my first experience, if you know what I mean, drssed in that fashion. Didn't even realize what had happened. To recapture that innocence when dressing up had nothing to do with sex.

  10. As a youg boy in the sixties in France, I loved to wear in secret those undergarments that my mother wears. Many years later, they always symbolize for me what is a woman and which woman I love to be. Thanks a lot Stana !

  11. Gorgeous stuff Stana! The shadow work is particularly good (took my eye off the OBG, and that is saying something!)

    Would love to see more of this here on Femulate.

    Many thanks - P

  12. To begin, your Photoshop artwork is absolutely fabulous! Having said that ... I loved the times you mention in this article! I have no idea where it came from but something about being "restrained" by garments was pure heaven for me. Boys just happened naturally!