Sunday, November 6, 2011

Telltale Signs

Springhill High School, Louisiana, 1964

Starla has been searching the Internet for months looking for photos of student femulations in old school yearbooks. She has sent me a treasure trove of photos; some I have posted here, here and here in the past and I promise to post more in the future.

Anyway, Starla has become something of an expert in this field and as an expert, she wrote the following analysis.

We've speculated about how many high school femulators may be actually trans versus those doing it just as a fun lark. I think my recent search activities have qualified me to make some speculative distinctions:

-- Comes to school crossdressed on “Opposite Sex Day” = probably not trans
-- Comes to school crossdressed on “generic" Halloween dress-up day = possibly trans
-- Comes to school crossdressed on Arbor Day, the 4th of July, or Millard Fillmore’s birthday = definitley trans

-- Wears Mom's ratty old wig = probably not trans
-- Puts own longish hair in simple pigtails = possibly trans
-- Drops $185 on a cut, color, and body wave = definitely trans

-- Other students react: "HA HA HA HA!! Look at Joe!!" = probably not trans
-- Other students react: "Gee, Joe doesn't look half-bad as a girl" = possibly trans
-- Other students react: "Where's Joe? And who's the new girl?" = definitely trans

-- Undergarments from Fruit of the Loom = probably not trans
-- Undergarments from Mom's lingerie drawer = possibly trans
-- Undergarments from Victoria's Secret "Members Only" sales catalog = definitely trans

-- Pageant talent: Comic striptease down to 1890's swimsuit = probably not trans
-- Pageant talent: Sensitive guitar and voice ballad = possibly trans
-- Pageant talent: Intricate dance number in 5" heels = definitely trans

-- Stubby, chewed nails with little sister's "Barbie Make-up Kit" polish = probably not trans
-- Lee's Press-on Nails = possibly trans
-- Acrylics with "Rose Garden" nail art motif = definitely trans

-- Shaves mustache = probably not trans
-- Shaves legs = possibly trans
-- Gets Brazilian bikini wax = definitely trans

-- No make-up = probably not trans
-- Make-up by mother/sister/girlfriend = possibly trans
-- MAC makeover = definitely trans

-- Celebrates pageant win by pumping fist and shouting "Woot! Woot! Woot!" = probably not trans
-- Celebrates pageant win with tears and a hug for the runner-up = possibly trans
-- Celebrates pageant win with tears and a hug for the male emcee = definitely trans


  1. Oh, come on. Nobody goes to school dressed for the 4th of July. It's not only in the summer, it's a holiday! Even summer school's closed.

    So he'd go to the mall or a parade or barbeque or fireworks display dressed.

    Fun post. Kudos to Starla.

  2. Yes, I knew that, but "the 4th of July" just made for a nice cadence. I abided by the "Rule of Funny" and not accuracy. ;-)

    (FWIW, Millard Fillmore was born on January 7, so it works...unless there's an extra-long winter break!)

  3. Stana, I've searched Flickr for Womanless events and there is nothing current. Is there a better way to search or can you ask AM or others for guidance?

  4. There's been a dearth of recent womanless events...what few I've seen haven't been very good, or were poorly shot. (A YouTube vid of a new high school WBP posted a few days ago, for example, seemed to have some really nice femulations, but was shot from so far away and with a tiny lo-res image as to be worthless!)

    New events tend to crop up in bunches -- you just have to keep checking Google, YT, Flickr, etc. daily. (And please do, as my obsession with perusing's massive yearbook collection for "historic" images takes up much of my Internet time!) :-)

  5. Thanks Starla