Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Expensive Watch Batteries

Yesterday, I planned to dress en femme, meet my friend Diana (of Little Corner in the Nutmeg State fame) at the Meriden (CT) mall, carpool to Southern Connecticut State University (it was my turn to drive), participate in Q&A in two Human Sexuality classes, and optionally, dine after class.

I wore my new houndstooth dress, nude pantyhose, black patent open toe slingbacks, black bag, and black sweater coat. A watch, ring and earrings were my only jewelry. It was so warm yesterday that I didn't need the sweater coat until the evening.

On my way to the mall, I passed a tractor trailer on the Interstate and the driver beeped (I assume) in appreciation of my leg show. Seated in the Subaru, my knee-length hem had migrated to mid-thigh. That was a first for me and I waved in appreciation after I passed.

I arrived at the mall about an hour before I was supposed to meet Diana. She planed to get a new battery for her watch and since I had two watches with the same needs, I brought them along and visited the watch kiosk after entering the mall. The young man in the watch kiosk said to come back for the watches in 20 to 30 minutes, so I window-shopped in the meantime.

First stop was Payless. I have bought a lot of shoes lately and really did  not need another pair, but Payless had just sent me a 30% off coupon, so I just had to visit their store. 2011-11-29_payless-bootine

They had a nice selection in my size, but the only pair that demanded my attention were a pair of khaki peep toe "bootines." I had my doubts that they would fit because they looked too small, but when I tried them on, they fit perfectly and were very comfortable to boot. (The online reviews claim that the bootines are very comfortable and all-day-wearable.)

I bought the bootines and with my coupon, the $39.99 pair cost me $27.99.

I liked them so much that I wanted to wear them out of the store, but the saleswoman and I agreed that although they were very cute, the color did not go with my outfit. (In retrospect, I should have bought a pair in black, too.)

Directly across the mall from Payless is Torrid. I seldom visit their store because they gear their clothing toward an age group that no longer accepts me as a member. But occasionally I find something there that I can wear at my advanced age, so I went in.

I did not find anything until I toured the clearance rack, where a pretty ivory floral taffeta party dress with an empire waist and bubble hem was calling my name. I tried it on and it was a perfect fit. 2011-11-29_torrid-dress

Since the dress is a clearance item, it is no longer on the Torrid website. The only image I have to illustrate it is this out-of-focus photo I took in the dressing room, but I think it is adequate to show you how darling the dress is and why I could not resist buying it. 

The saleswoman mentioned that I could save 15% off the $49.99 clearance price if I signed up for a credit card. I am always willing to save 15%, so I agreed and she entered my Social Security number into the system to process my credit card application.

During the process, she double-checked my personal data and when she got to my name, she said, "Stanley?" with a big question mark.

I said, "Yes, but I am not 'Stanley' today."

She smiled and continued with the transaction, handed me a temporary credit card, and I was out the door.

The watch batteries were starting to get very expensive, so I decided to head back to the watch kiosk and retrieve my timepieces. The watches were ready and the man rang me up.

I assumed it was about time for Diana to show up for her watch battery replacement, so I found a seat near the kiosk and hung back waiting for Diana.

Ten minutes or so passed and no Diana. With about ten minutes left before our scheduled rendezvous, I decided to wait in my car because either I had missed Diana in the mall or she was running late.

I waited in the car for ten minutes, then I cruised the parking lots in case there was any misinterpretation of our rendezvous point, but no Diana nor Diana's Prius.

I now regretted leaving the cell phone at home.

Time was running out, so I gave up on Diana and drove to New Haven.

Diana showed up at the University about 15 minutes after I arrived. Turns out that she had taken a nap, overslept, and awoke just about the time we were supposed to meet.

That was yesterday morning; my next post describes yesterday afternoon.


  1. Dear Stana,

    The taffeta dress is so, so sweet. You look adorable in it. I love wearing the ultra-girlish, swishy dresses. They look and feel so lovely.

    And, Oh my yes!, those 2 watch batteries turned out to be quite expensive. But, of course, you needed the proper shoes and dress to complement the 2 watches :-)



  2. Sorry. :o

    Yes, truck drivers do that, it has happened to me a couple of times.

    One time I passed a truck and he then sped up and passed me. Only to slow up again and I passed him again. This repeated a couple of times, I got the hint and turned off the highway.

  3. I see what you did to your subhead.

    I'd like to know more than just being trans was nothing to fear.

    How do you feel? Are you spending a lot of time thinking about how this changes your life? And how does this affect your outreach? Do you feel you were doing all of those sessions under "false pretenses" as it were?

    I know, for me, it would be something to fear. But maybe I'm wrong. I look forward to learning.