Friday, September 2, 2011

More Yearbook Femulations

Starla continues searching old school yearbooks online and sending me any femulations she discovers. I shared some of her findings here back in May. With the kids now returning to school to begin anew, I am sharing some of her latest findings with you today.

Starla and I were both interested by the use of the term "She-Male." It must have had a more innocent meaning back in 1967, at least in Louisville. I was certainly trans-active back in 1967, but I can't recall how well known real she-males were back then... probably not so much.

As usual, clicking on an image makes it appear bigger (sometimes).

Westport High School, Louisville, KY, 1967

Springhill (LA) High School, 1967


  1. I don't know about "She-Male" but in 1967 there was a movie called "She-Man."

  2. First of all the boys look very pretty!

    I can't speak for 1967 Louisville but in 1967 San Francisco where I lived, the term she-male was popularized by the fact she/males were quiet evident! In fact, one could easily say they were somewhat obvious.

    I was just one 18 year old male who simply found myself and got caught up in the liberation of it all!

  3. I actually find the term She-male as it is used in the first photo (the flyer for the contest, I assume) to be very flattering and not at all condescending or vulgar as it has become know today. It's association to those in lewd trades has taken something that could have easily been a positive for those who are aware of their "male" but indulge in a little femulation presenting a little more "she", now and again..