Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day Food for Thought

2011-11-11 Did my Dad join the Marine Corps, fight the enemy on three Pacific islands during World War II, and get wounded twice so that someday his son would be free to live his life as a woman?

I know that was not on his mind when he joined the Corps. I wasn’t even a blip on his radar back then.

Dad did catch me getting into my sister’s clothes on a couple of occasions and he saw me dressed to the nines en femme for a Halloween party one time, but the only thing he ever said about it was to be careful that some guy didn’t try to pick me up at that Halloween party.

I think he had an inkling that something was up and if he and Mom ever compared notes, then I am sure the two of them realized something was amiss (or should I say someone was a Miss).

But he was always proud of me no matter what I wore and I am sure he never regretted fighting in The War so that I could be free to be me.


  1. My father did a similar thing with regard to the war in the Pacific but he was in the Navy. I thank him for his service to the USA.

    I'm sure he never knew about me because my mother told me not to tell him, she knew all about my dressing up for boys.

    She also gave me sound advice about being a girl WITH a boy. I miss her, too.

  2. I especially like the amiss/a miss connection.

    Enjoy 11/11/11

  3. 11/11/11 is a date we will never see again.

    It is apt and fitting that we remember the day hostilities in WWI ceased. We should all pause for a moment to honor the men and women of our great nation who have served in our armed forces. To borrow a phrase that resounded after 9/11, "Some gave all...all gave some".

    I am not sure if my folks had an inking of my CD proclivities. Lots of stuff was deep in the closet back then and subjects such as this were unknown, poorly understood and simply not part of the conversation.

    I am sure my folks were proud of me as yours were of you. As a parent myself the most important thing in my life is to see my loved ones happy. It is a pleasant thought that our parents, even though they were from a different generation and had different information, would have been happy to see us happy and if we derive happiness from what we wear and how we like to present ourselves I would like to think that this would be OK with our folks.
    Again, we thank and pray for the Lord's blessing on our Veterans and our current men and women in uniform.

  4. Ditto on what Lorraine said!