Sunday, September 4, 2011

Still More Yearbook Femulations

Here are more findings from old school yearbooks online, thanks to Starla.

As usual, clicking on an image makes it appear bigger (sometimes).


Chicoteague (VA) High School, 1985
Unknown High School, 1976
Marinette (WI) High School, 1965
Nathan B. Forrest High School (Jacksonville, FL) 1977 
Nokomis Regional High School (Newport ME), 1974
Ouachita (LA) High Schhol, 1977 
Unknown High School, 1974


  1. These are uniformly quite good. The girls seem to be enjoying themselves and they're mostly passable.

    I am envious.

  2. The boys look lovely and they're very pretty too. It's amazing how well a smile looks on even the most un-passable boy!

  3. Neat. Wish the pix were larger.