Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Battle of the Femulators


Three years ago, I wrote about "Josou Paradise," a segment of a Japanese television show called Gakkou e Ikou! MAX.

During the "Josou Paradise" segment, a group of people stand on stage in front of an alcove whose contents is hidden by a curtain. When the curtain rises, it reveals a seated pretty young woman and the audience oohs and aahs at her.

The young women who appear in the alcove are actually young men dressed en femme. The oohing and aahing is justified because they look great.

Angelina, whose photo graces The Femulated: spot today, asked me about another Japanese television show in which males appear en femme. The show is called  Aniコレ 5BATTLE. After viewing some online videos of the program as well as reading some poorly translated Japanese text, I believe I have figured out the premise of the program.

It is a competition like Dancing With the Stars or American Idol, except that on Aniコレ 5BATTLE, the competition is based on the contestants’ ability to femulate.

Five young male contestants are pitted against five young female contestants. Each male chooses the female he wants to compete against in a head-to-head competition.

The contestants get all dolled up and then each contestant struts her stuff on a runway.

After the runway competition, the audience votes on which contestant was the better femulator. In the segments I watched, the females usually beat male femulators, but not always.

The femulations are outstanding. In most of the head-to-head competitions, I was not sure if the contestant was a femulator or a real female until they spoke.

Also, I found it interesting that the two male hosts of the program appeared en femme.

Google Aniコレ 5BATTLE and you will find videos and images from the show. Here is one example:

All I can say is that I wish there was a version of this show on this side of the Pacific.

Caveat Emptor: There is very little information about this program written in English, so I am making some educated guesses about the premise of the program.

I have not figured out yet the English translation of Aniコレ in the title of the show (one suggestion was "anime").

Also, I don't know if the "5" in the title indicates that this is the fifth season of the show or what?

If anyone has more definitive information, I will gladly stand corrected and if anyone can add anything to what I already wrote, I would be grateful.


  1. I would agree with your educated guesses. It looks like it was men vs. women and "may the most femme win".
    I would love to see something like that here in the states. We have more than enough under used cable channels. Production costs should not be that high.
    I would really like to see the competition with "age group" catagories. Break the competition into ten year age blocks. I bet some of us would give similar aged GGs a run for their money.

  2. Stana,
    I think the "5" refers to the five contestants.


  3. What a great "find" Stana! Would love to see this program here in USA, Looks like a lot of fun-- plus maybe? some dressing techniques.