Wednesday, November 23, 2011

To Be Gorgeous

Miss Mexico

But besides the feeling of sisterhood it provides the women with, and the mentoring she is able to give to many of the contestants, Samala also believes that for many competing in the pageant, there is great appeal in being able to live out a commonly shared childhood dream. "I think in early development in life, even when they are young boys, looking at the beauty pageants, [thinking] 'I wish I could be like that, I want to look that pretty.' It's always transgenders [wanting] to be the best they can be and to look the best, to be gorgeous. Our lives are built on getting ourselves beautiful. Because that's the image that women give us and the beauty pageant is a really good platform for us."

From "Queen of the Universe 2011" by Brody Brown in today's edition of The Huffington Post

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  1. Well said and yes, we all want to be that beautiful and have the sisterhood that we only see in our feminine sides. There is something unique to being and belonging to the female population that you just cannot get from the masculine. Its a warm, comforting, almost mothering bond that is hard to describe. Its what confirms my being a androgyne. I see males being macho and violent, which separates me from them. I wear a mask in society to keep me safe from the violence. But when I can be me, I am home sweet home.

  2. While I may be in the minority here, I can not agree at all with the comment you posted from the article. To me, pageants and beauty contests are superficial artifices designed mainly for the visual pleasure of men. Perhaps it is the closed feminist in me, but while I would love to be as beautiful as possible (just like the rest of the girls here), I would never want to do it in such a potentially demeaning situation.

  3. I agree Mabe... I feel very much the same way....

  4. beauty pagents are exploitive, but i idetify withthe sentiment of wanting to be beautiful like that.