Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gay Male Femininity

maya_2011-11-10 Maya (right) wrote on flickr, “I get a few e-mails from people who ask if I want to go full-time and be a woman. As you can tell from the thoughts I've shared, I act and feel mostly like a crossdresser. I'm comfortable being a reasonably feminine gay man who likes to dress up (pretty irregularly) and I enjoy being around people who respect my subtle ‘gay femininity.’

“I realized that there is a difference between who I am and a transsexual. Although I've contemplated transitioning in the past, it's just not my path. I, accordingly remain, a humble life long crossdresser, exploring why I dress up and satisfying my girlish fantasies.”

Beautiful Maya has a slew of photos on flickr; you can view them here.


  1. Your conversation here regarding Maya just goes to show that one's expression of their feminine side (gender) has nothing to do with how they express their sexuality -- just because she is gay and enjoys dressing up as a woman, it doesn't automatically lead to wanting to be a woman full time, with the assistance of multiple medical procedures.

    While most of us non-genetic girls would love to be a beautiful woman on the outside when dressed (albeit we are beautiful on the inside), that doesn't necessarily mean that this is the only path available. Each person needs to determine their right path and follow it, and sometimes it may meander all over the place.

    Thanks for the food for thought, which happens to be on a very similar wavelength as I was on when waking up this morning!

  2. I'm very happy for Maya! I had no idea there was any difference between a CD and a TS. JK! lmao!