Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Revisits Tuesday and Wednesday

Aniコレ 5 Battle

Kasumi e-mailed me about the Japanese television show, Aniコレ 5 Battle, that I wrote about here on Wednesday. According to Kasumi…2011-11-17_5_battle

Aniコレ is an abbreviation of two words put together. "Ani" is short for "aniki," which literally means "big brother," but in this case is used as a playful counterpoint to "onee," or "big sister," which is a slang for femulators (it is, in turn, short for "oneesan," which is the conventional term for elder sister). In Japanese, kinship terms like big brother and big sister are commonly used to refer to young men and women in general. It's clear from the context whether one is referring to one's own relatives or (with "onee") to a femulator or a female. 

コレ, or "kore," is short for "korekushon," i.e., the English word "collection." This is because the females in the "battles" were part of a group called Tokyo Girls Collection. The 5 is, I think, because there were five contestants on each side. Writing the Japanese "ani" in Romanization and the English "collection" in Japanese is the kind of linguistic fun and games one often sees in Japanese--there's no particular deep significance.

The show in which this segment appeared was organized around the theme of "What if..." What if you had to eat a bunch of really hot peppers? What if you were a comedian forced to pair with someone other than your regular partner? What if you had to wear women's clothes and engage in a beauty battle with a female celebrity?

Thank you, Kasumi, for that information. It ties up a lot of loose ends regarding the television show.


A reader took me to task about Tuesday's "Dreamwear' post, thusly:

Your post said you dreamed of wearing a 'panty girdle and longline bra' but the photo is of a woman in a full, long girdle (panty girdles are only panty length on the bottom) and a regular bra.

My excuse for the photo is that I could not find an image in my vast collection of a woman (or a man) wearing a panty girdle and a longline bra. The handful of longline bra images I have were all combined with open bottom girdles. 2011-11-17-Dreamwear-Revisited

Since I could not find a panty girdle - longline bra combo, I used a panty girdle - non-longline bra image that I liked. (Today I proffer a longline bra image that I like.) 

With reference to the reader's contention that the girdle image I used on Tuesday was a "full, long girdle" and not a panty girdle, "panty girdles are only panty length on the bottom," well, allow me to retort.

There are two basic kinds of girdles: open-bottom girdles and panty girdles. Any girdle that has a crotch is a "panty girdle" no matter how long or short the legs may be. You can look it up.


I have not worn an open-bottom girdle in a very long time. I never owned an open-bottom girdle, so the only ones I ever wore were my Mother’s and that was 40 years ago.

Wearing an open-bottom girdle is a different experience.

If the hem of the girdle is long enough, it comfortably hides your private parts while providing a very smooth crotch area, which is perfect for wearing a tight skirt.

You must wear stockings with an open-bottom girdle and attach them to girdle’s garters. This prevents the hem of the girdle from riding up your torso, as well as keeping the stockings from slipping down your legs.

What fun!

I’m getting a hankering for an open-bottom girdle, longline bra, and nylon stockings combination for the next time I wear a retro outfit.


  1. Dear Stana,

    I prefer the open-bottom girdles. If their bottom is not too low, it allows the bottom of my panties to show. I never wear pantyhose. I prefer nylons attached to garter straps (from either a girdle or garter belt) because as I dress, I love seeing my pretty panties unobstructed. Being a 1944 baby, my “imprint period” for women's clothing was from about 1950 to 1965. I love 1950's/60's full brief nylon tricot panties and full slips (or half slips). Unless I am wearing a dress or skirt that is very short and lined, I always wear a pretty slip. It's delightful to enjoy putting on the beautiful, feminine intimate apparel of a woman. Isn't it so WONDERFUL to be a girl!



  2. It is no surprise that Kasumi would chime in to help us understand the show. Your blog is a world wide phenom. Of course it would be expected that some of your followers would understand Japanese.

    I also noted that the photo did not have a long line bra but chose not to mention that. Only a fool would challenge you on your understanding of woman's undergarments. Your explanation today was 'spot on'.

  3. sometimes concept is all that is needed to understand what you are conveying.. I disregard but hold with interest those who place to much interest in the syntax or deviation from detail, as the significances of your thought is then lost, rather then left to the imagination of the reader... Yeah I can see that you weren't 100% accurate... It's not necessary for someone to point it out... My mom and brother do this constantly.. it gives people inferiority complexes and stifles ones own imagination..

  4. Just wanted to add also, retro undergarments are fantastic. though I've never put that entire look together, if I ever have the opportunity to, I will... Hmmm Mount Washington Hotel features a period dress turn of the century gala, every new years!

  5. I love the term and the concept of an "imprint period". I have long known that my preferred style of dress was the classic feminine style of the '60s-'70s era. I suspect that for many of us our "imprint period" corresponds to when we first became aware of the differences between men and women and how they present themselves. i suspect that this is a 10-15 year period starting before the age of 10 and being fairly well imprinted by the mid 20s.
    Great point Sheila. I would not mind seeing others share their opinnions on the impact of an 'imprint period'.