Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wearing Out

I had some free time Saturday afternoon, so I decided to try on the outfits I planned to wear when I go out en femme the next two Tuesdays.

During the tryouts, I discovered that the shoes I planned to wear with both outfits did not look as good in reality as they did in my mind and that other shoes were a better match.

I discovered that a different pair of shoes matched up with a different outfit and looked better than both of the original outfits I had planned to wear.

My wardrobe discoveries continued like this for about an hour, when I finally decided to quit after completely confusing myself about what I will wear.



  1. LOL! Shoes always do that same thing to my outfit selections!

  2. A strangely ironic close to today's post.

    BTW, you look fantastic in today's picture! What's your secret? :D

  3. Meg --- Practice, practice, practice!

  4. Got to get the shoes right, they can make or break the whole outfit. Just another reason why you can't have too many shoes