Friday, November 25, 2011

New Male Fashion 1666

"A man of fashion at the time of Charles II wearing the costume introduced by the King in 1666 of a long vest or sleeved waistcoat after the Persian or Turkish coat."

I found this interesting image while surfing the net last night. Prints are available from Amazon and other print peddlars.


  1. On the other hand, for a person of that time, it isn't feminine, so if I was living during that time, I doubt I'd appreciate wearing that "dress coat", heels, and hosiery - rather I'd be wanting to be in one of the ladies' giant-skirted dresses and whatnot.

    It does make you wonder though if the trends of male fashion will ever head that way again. The perennial attempts by some designers to do so seem to be met with indifference beyond the runway.

  2. IMHO, these images scream volumes! The good ol' days were not so bad after all!

  3. I was disappointed to learn that Edward Hyde, who I always heard was both a New York Governor (1700s) and transvestite possibly wasn't (a crossdresser, not a governor).

    The crossdressing seems to have been disseminated by his political enemies. OTOH, if it was true his friends would have been unlikely to tell people about his hobby.