Friday, May 31, 2019

Weekends Were Made for Femulating


I knew I had the perfect pair of high heels to go with the dress I plan to wear to my high school class reunion. Since I had not worn that pair of heels in years, I thought I should check their condition in case they needed to be dusted off or cleaned.

When I inspected them, I noticed that the plastic tip on one high heel was gone exposing the metal dowel that held the tip in place.

I have no recollection of how I lost the tip, but I knew that I had to get it fixed before I could wear the shoe. There is a shoe repair shop about 10 minutes from my home, but I thought I might be able to repair it myself, so I looked online and found iFixit's guide for high heel tip repair.

After reading the guide, the fix seemed easy enough, so I moseyed on over to Amazon to find what I needed for the repair. I ordered a kit for $11.78 that included 30 pairs of replacement tips in five different sizes and a pair of pliers for removing the tip.

The kit arrived yesterday and it took me about 10 minutes to replace the tip. And I now have a lifetime supply of high heel tips!

Which Blog?

In addition to Femulate, I also have a low-traffic blog where I write about my radio adventures.

It is "low-traffic" because I publish a post once or twice a week and it gets about 450 hits per day (as compared to this blog where I post 5 or 6 times per week and average 5,000 hits per day).

And so every year while I am staffing our booth at Hamvention, at least one stranger will approach me and say, "I read your blog."

I always ask, "Which one?" even though I am pretty sure they are referring to Femulate and not my low-traffic radio blog.

When their response is "Huh?"or something similar, I know that they are not a civilian, but rather are one of us.

Source: Moda Operandi
Wearing Oscar De La Renta (Source: Moda Operandi)

Huntz Hall
Huntz Hall femulating in the 1943 film 📺 Clancy Street Boys.


  1. Somehow I knew Stana would represent you at the 50th reunion. Clearly, Stana did a great job at Hamvention, and maybe that was your "affirmation" for how you are going to be at the event. Just speculation, of course, but I'm one of your followers who encouraged Stana to attend the reunion. I'm looking forward to your photos and the story of the evening. I hope you choose a dress that shows off your fabulous legs and have a flawlessly beautiful face (possibly a glamour makeover?) to knock the socks off your classmates. Looking great might just be the best revenge. "Take this, you creeps who gave me such a hard time"!

    1. I second that. If these are the folks who gave her such grief for being a "sissy," there's no reason for Stan to show up. Either Stana attends or nobody does. She'll be the prettiest lady there, happy and content and confident. Those men who tormented her will be thinking "Damn...he's prettier than my wife and happier than me." And Stana will have had the last laugh.

    2. I hope that some of the homo- and transphobic faculty show up. Some of them were just as bad as the student (male and female) bullies.

    3. The faculty doing it is worse. Their doing it gives the kids tacit permission to bully. We see the same thing going on currently, as "the orange menace" giving tacit approval to his white supremacy supporters. Back in the dark ages, when I went to high school, the majority of my teachers used "The 'N' word" regularly, which opened the door for my racist classmates to spew their hate for all to hear.

    4. You probably would not be surprised to learn that some of the faculty bullies were ordained Catholic priests.

    5. Another thought I had was about how we look as our female self. When I see Mikki as opposed to Mike, she looks younger. In fact, I don't know a single CD/TS person who doesn't look noticeably younger when they're their female self. You'll be both glamorous and younger!

      I didn't go to a parochial school, but my hometown was heavily Catholic. More kids went to St. Jerome's than attended the public school! Plus, this was pre-Vatican II, so the priests were very much more imperious. Fit the role set out for you! Don't color outside the lines! They still had corporal punishment, though public shaming was what they used in high school. Scary!

  2. AnonymousMay 31, 2019

    NOW I know why some of the high heels come with two replacement heel tips. Given the thin and delicate look of high heeled shoe, there MUST be some seriously good design and engineering going on (especially given the sometimes low price!) to prevent 'mechanical failure' and a resultant accident. Given my 210#'s, I have not (so far) had any heel failures. I would not be happy to describe the circumstances of 'my accident' to the E.R. folks, but I am sure they have heard of stranger incidents....
    Anyone out there have a catastrophe from a failed high heel?

  3. This was probably the first movie I recall seeing where a character femulated. I always enjoyed the Dead End Kids, and this one solidified that!

  4. The first one(s) I remember were Bugs Bunny cartoons. Bugs makes a very pretty doe rabbit!