Thursday, May 16, 2019

Hamvention Transition

I am in Dayton, Ohio, attending Hamvention. My dance card is full and I am too busy to write something new, so I am pre-posting something I wrote in the past.

Hamvention 2012
As regular readers of Femulate know, I do not present as a woman 24/7, although I would prefer to do so.

During Hamvention last year, a long-time ham radio friend mentioned that my transition appeared to be successful and wondered how my family has reacted to my living as a woman 24/7.

I was surprised by his comment and asked him what gave him the impression that I had transitioned and lived as a woman 24/7.

He was surprised by my reply and stated that "everyone" just assumed that I had transitioned because I was so feminine in every way. No one would think I was a male or had ever been a male!


On a similar note, another long-time acquaintance noticed the engagement ring (a fake) that I was wearing at Hamvention. She asked me who was my boyfriend and when did we plan to marry!

And so it goes – it doesn't go much better than that!

Source: Brahmin
Wearing Brahmin

Esme Percy femulates in the 1930 Hitchcock film Murder!
Esme Percy femulates in the 1930 Hitchcock film 📺 Murder!


  1. If you truly feel like a woman in a man's body and look as absolutely gorgeous as you are. I say yes Stana live as the woman are 24/7 always.

  2. Are you a blonde, redhead or brunette for Hamvention -- or are you switching around?? Hope your extended Stana trip is wonderful.

    1. Sort of all three... brunette with red and blonde highlights.