Wednesday, May 8, 2019

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Actresses Portraying Transwomen: Counterpoint

My post yesterday suggested that male actors should portray transwomen in films and on television. My friend Diana suggested something different and you can read here post on this topic here.

Second Planet from the Sun

Monday, I wrote about my discovery of clothing from online seller Venus. It's not like I just discovered Venus a week ago; I have been aware of Venus for years, but I thought that in general, their clothing was too sexy and I held off buying their clothing... because I didn't want to look too sexy???

I Love the Smell of Ohio in the Morning

Did I mention that I will be living as a woman 24/7 for 5 days the weekend after Mother's Day? I'm so looking forward to my annual trip to Ohio for Hamvention! I hope to see some ham radio sisters there.

Source: Etienne Aigner
Wearing Etienne Aigner (Source: Etienne Aigner)

Bill Kaulitz
Bill Kaulitz


  1. AnonymousMay 08, 2019

    Have you seen Victor Polster in Girl? Is it available in the USA Wonderful and tragic film, but I guess the ending is happy. Unfortunately I cannot add a picture to the post but I am sure that you can

  2. I have a problem with Diana wanting it both ways.. saying transwomen should be getting the trans roles, that ciswomen cannot bring justice to them.. but then applauding casting a transwoman in a cis role. If you can't put cisfolk in trans roles, you shouldn't use transfolk in cis roles.

    1. So using the same logic a black person can only play a part written for a black character and would not be able to play any other character in a movie.
      In the New Times article that I quote, Jen Richards is playing a CIA agent that is not a trans character but the part does not call for a cisgender character just a CIA agent.
      Rachel Crowl is currently playing in a Shakespeare play and I doubt that Shakespeare had any trans characters in his plays.
      When a movie or play calls for a black character and black person should play the part, when a movie or play calls for an Asian character an Asian should play the part, and when a movie or play calls for a trans character a trans person should play the part. However when the movie or play doesn’t call for a particular race or gender then anyone should be able to audition for the part, a trans actor or even a disabled actor or an actor from another minority.

    2. But they are ACTING.. if the role is a cop, should you only use police or ex-police? Should we only use doctors and nurses in medical dramas? Do we have to use blind actors to portray blind people? Would we need someone with ALS to do Stephen Hawking? Maybe if you want to be more realistic, maybe tend to use larger than average women for transwomen, as transwomen are larger than the average cis. Smaller than average men as transmen. Rebecca Romijyn, Raquel Welch... that is a bit silly. Huffman was a much better choice.

      I'd rather see the roles, except where the physical requirements are obviously needed and cannot be pretended (I don't want a white MLK, or a 5'7" Abraham Lincoln) open to all. If a trans actress is the best choice, give her the job. If a cis is, then they get it. Trans women are women. They should be able to do any woman's role they have the talent for. And any ciswoman should be able to play a transwoman.. they are women.

      Shakespeare didn't even have women in his plays.

      And some roles do seem to get switched in race.. biggest movie out there is that Avengers movie.. hey, when I was a kid Nick Fury was white.... he isn't now, apparently...

  3. Hope you have a wonderful time in Dayton.

  4. AnonymousMay 08, 2019

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  5. AnonymousMay 08, 2019

    Jeff Bridges is femulating on "The Closer" today on Start TV

  6. AnonymousMay 08, 2019

    OOPS! It was Beau Bridges, not Jeff. The Closer; Season 5, Episode 14.
    A retired detective returns to the squad, 'a changed man' to assist in a homicide investigation.