Monday, May 6, 2019

Transwomen are from Venus

Source: Venus
Venus "Neck Detail" jumpsuit
I have been shopping for a new outfit to wear when I make my presentation at Hamvention next week. As a presenter, I thought something "business casual" would be appropriate (like the jumpsuit I wore last year).

Not finding anything I liked in the brick and mortar stores around here, I began looking at the usual suspects online. Nothing caught my eye, so I began exploring online stores that I have never purchased from before. Doing so is a little unpredictable because I have no purchase history and don't know if a store's clothing runs small, large or true-to-size. I also don't know anything about the quality of the clothing.

Despite those reservations, I visited Venus and among their large selection of jumpsuits, I found one that screamed "business casual;" I thought it would be perfect for making my presentation. They had my size and I put it in my shopping cart ($49).

I also was on the lookout for a second new outfit to wear during my roadtrip. So I poked around the Venus website and found a romper – an item of clothing that I have considered purchasing in the past, but never did because I thought the styles were too young for me.

The romper I found is unlike most romper styles I have seen in the past. It is called a "tailored romper" and looks so business-like that some women might not think twice about wearing one to work. It certainly would be appropriate to wear on my trip, so I added it to my shopping cart ($29) and checked out.

I placed my order on Sunday and began worrying if the clothing fit? Was it cheaply made? I soon received an email that Venus shipped my order and tracking it indicated it would arrive on Friday.

It arrived on time and I opened the package soon after the mailman dropped it off on the front porch. My first impression was that the quality of the clothing was very good, but my second impression was that the jumpsuit looked too small for me and I was disappointed.

Looks can be deceiving and in the past, clothing that I think looks too small fits fine when I try it on, so I slipped into my shapewear, tried on the jumpsuit and discovered it was a perfect fit as was the romper.

I was so impressed with my purchase from Venus that I plan to revisit their website real soon now.

Source: Venus
Venus "Tailored Romper"

Bert Errol
Bert Errol, early 20th Century professional femulator (Source: Queer Music Heritage)


  1. congratulations! I am somewhat surprised a jumpsuit worked for you, they are not designed for women of your height. I have more problems with my bodystockings accommodating my height than my weight (I am only an inch or so shorter than you)

    1. I have never had an issue with jumpsuit sizing. I own four and all are the correct length and all came from different stores.

  2. I'm 6', 225# and jumpsuits are interesting garments for me. I have big shoulders, so the upper body fit is often too tight. Then there's the problem of mens' longer trunks. I have to try garments without sleeves if I'm shopping is so-called "regular" stores, and hope the trunk length isn't so tight that I'm speaking in a much higher voice. But I've had quite a bit of luck shopping at Catherine's. Like you, Stana, the things look like I'll never get into them, but magically they fit. I also have a jumpsuit from Avenue that fit quite well. I was especially surprised that the Catherine's jumpsuit was a good inseam foe me -- their pants/trousers, even in "tall", seem to max out at 30" -- highwaters for me.

  3. I may have sent a partial post in error. I linked to a different Female Impersonator link and lost my writing.

    Bert Errol looks like a double for Mae West. I linked to the Female Impersonator site and checked out the other femulators. Female impersonation became so popular for a time that many married men changed careers to become impersonators. I linked to Jean Barrios, a very, very lovely femulator, who bemoaned all those "amateurs" for desecrating the profession. Barrios was president of Female Impersonators of America. She complained that the art was being pushed into comedy and the serious Impersonators were being pushed out of their art and into that same format.

    Looking through these Female Impersonators, they were "just" another act in a revue or night of vaudeville. Some were singers, a number were operatic, did dramatic readings, some already did comedy and others had unique characters or did acrobatics like Barbette. In other words, they were one of the female acts among other entertainers in shows. They were always identified as "female impersonators" but their work was unique, not fitting a proscribed format. I sure wish I could have been around to see this "golden age" of Female Impersonation.

  4. AnonymousMay 06, 2019

    I think you are going to have a rompin' good time wearing the Tailored Romper. You definitely have the legs for it.
    BTW, the website was HUGE, with a good selection of 'plus sizes' too.
    As for me, the 'Belted Midi Shirt Dress' was a winner-- ON SALE TOO!