Friday, May 3, 2019

15 or 18, Give or Take 3 Million

Working on the blog!
I am well into Year 12 of writing Femulate and this weekend, the Statcounter near the bottom of the left column will increment past 15,000,000 hits!

15 freaking million!

On the other hand, Blogger, which hosts this blog claims that the "Pageviews all time history" for Femulate is over 18 million! '

18 freaking million!

Either way, I am proud of those figures and want to thank you readers for your loyalty. I couldn't have done it without you!

To keep you coming back, I am constantly tweaking the blog, trying to improve the your blog experience. For example, I recently started using the video screen icon 📺 to indicate that there is an internet video associated with whatever I happen to be writing about. Just click the icon 📺 and you will be transported to that video.

Not a big deal, but I think it is "neat" to quote Annie Hall.

Over the years, some of the blog's improvements were the results of suggestions from readers, so if you have an idea to improve the blog, please e-mail me with your suggestion.

And so it goes.

UPDATE: Statcounter hit 15,000,000 on Sunday at 10:24 EDT.

Source: Unique Vintage
Wearing Unique Vintage (Source: Unique Vintage)

Dan Quagmire
📺 Dan Quagmire en femme in a 2010 episode of Family Guy.


  1. AnonymousMay 03, 2019

    The cartoon at the end raises an interesting point
    Family and friends do not realise that when someone is in female mode, permanent or temporary, they are mentally female
    They they think and act like women right down to talking about clothes rather than Baseball
    They are expected to be a man dressed as a woman, thinking and acting accordingly

  2. Congratulations on the milestone...whichever one is correct it is a big number but in your case it is well earned and fully merited

  3. My suggestion to improve this blog - - -


    This was the first blog I read regarding crossdressing and it continues to be informative, entertaining AND supportive. Who could ask for anything more!

    Peace and Love, Sweetie!

  4. Dear Stana,

    CONGRATULATIONS on the wonderful readership numbers. I can explain the difference between the Statcounter (15,000,000) and Blogger’s Pageview (18,000,000). I read 3,000,000 Femulate posts twice!



  5. Wonderful numbers Stana. Thanks for all the information and pointers for making for a pleasant femulating experience. Keep up the great work. By the wqy, love the look in this photo. Very professional.

  6. There are great reasons for the pageviews!
    Content, heart, compassion, humor.
    Stana, you provide content that your readers can use to improve our Femulation.
    You write from the heart. We know that every part of life is not "peaches and cream." (Full disclosure, I have Sirius XM on and "Jungle Love" by Steve Miller is on...)
    You show that we all matter and on a weekly basis provide things which make us chuckle.

    Here's to many more page views and blog postings.